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Hola! What is up? I know I haven’t posted a personal style blog since a couple of months and that’s because I was in Delhi for a fashion internship at Cosmopolitan magazine. Yes, it was AMAZING but let’s not go there right now. I will be sharing my experience pretty soon so stay tuned.

Coming back to the theme for today’s blog – ‘Go Green‘, what is the first thing that comes in your mind when you see the color green? To me, the traffic signal for starters. It’s a small bubble of joy to see the traffic signal go green, in Mumbai, especially. Frankly, green is the last color I’d choose to wear. But this top was a love at first sight for me in Delhi. As you know H&M is now open in Delhi, I couldn’t stay there and not give the store a visit. That’s where I saw this beauty and decided to take it home. H&M’s collection is somewhere between Forever21 and ZARA. So, not bad, I meant.

It’s the Spring season and as much as I love this season (not just because I was born in this season, okay?), I dislike floral print without omission. So I thought why not curate a spring look in green. Floral isn’t the only portrayal of spring, right? This look is perf for a brunch as well as a dinner date. The light pink lip color matches with the feel of this season. Frankly, these shoes aren’t that comfortable but you can switch to Vans or flat sandals if you have to be on your feet more than on a chair.

The monochrome sling clutch adds the ‘it‘ factor to the look on a whole. So basically, this is an affordable spring look without any typical floral print. Other amazing colors for this season are light pink and yellow. Any shade of yellow works. So if you hate floral print like me, go for these colors and look spring-alicious!

BTW, the pictures weren’t that great due to some sudden camera issues. I just tried my best to choose wisely from the lot. I hope you guys liked it!




OOTD Details:

Top:  H&M

Shorts: Forever21

Clutch: Colaba causway, Mumbai

Shoes: Forever21

Much love. Keep POSS-ing!

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