Udaipur City: A Guide For The Food Lovers

Udaipur City: A Guide For The Food Lovers

So the most ironical fact about me is that I’m a really hungry female. Ironical because – Have you looked at me? ‘Where does it all go?’ is the most frequent question I get asked. I think it’s both a blessing and a bane because of course, I want to gain some weight but I can care-freely eat how much ever cheese I wish to! Food is something that has the capability to alter my mood, irrespective of the situation.

Quite frankly, I experimented with more number of eating joints in Udaipur than historical palaces. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, you’ll know that almost forty percent of my posts are about food and beverages. Anyhow, let me tell you about the places and the dishes I tried while I was in Udaipur. Excuse me for not having great snaps of the food items that I tried because I have been concentrating more of the vlog that is in the making which is why I have captured more videos than pictures. So, you’ll definitely get to see everything in the video if not here.

The Rainbow Restaurant



Location: Lake Pichola
Ambience: Candle light rooftop seating with english pop music from 2010 in the background
Price: INR1000 for two, approximately
Food and beverages tried: The rainbow platter which had prawns, fish and chicken in different styles with butter naan, mojito, chocolate shake and blueberry pancakes.
Loved it all except for the pancakes.
Best part was the arabic seating – A little wooden table in the centre of a comfortable mattress with cushions, overlooking the Lake Pichola.

This was the place where my friend took me for my first dinner in the city of lakes and it was the perfect refreshment that I needed after landing in the evening.

The Aravali Tent Resort



Location: Opposite Gulab Bagh

Food and beverages tried: The english breakfast tray consisting of coffee, cornflakes and toast, aloo parathas and puri bhaji.
Just a filler to energise ourselves for the rest of the day.
Best part was the fact that I was staying at this resort and the open verandah seating was perfect for a breakfast every morning.



Location: Lake Pichola Hotel
Ambience: Luxurious rooftop seating with live folk music, overlooking the Lake Pichola again but exactly on the opposite side of  where The Rainbow Restaurant is situated
Price: INR1200 for two, approximately
Food and beverages tried: Fish tikka, Lal Maas with butter kulcha and butter milk
Such a food-gasmic platter of Fish tikka

I wish I had an extra day to just go there again and eat the fish tikka platter. I am obsessed.

The Ambrai Restaurant

Location: Near Amet Haveli
Ambience: Varying from metallic tables and chairs to grand green couches, half way in the open area and otherwise
Price: INR1700 for two, approximately
Food and beverages tried: French fries and cold coffee only since my timing was too bad. I was early for lunch and late for breakfast.
It’s right next to the lake with a 270 degree view of the lake, Jag Mandir and City Palace. Best place to chill at for lone travellers, readers and writers. Going here for breakfast would be a great idea, I’d suggest.

Sai Sagar




Location: Fateh Sagar
Ambience: It’s an eating joint besides the Lake which is open till 1am. You can get the food from there and sit at any place all along the lake just like you can at Marine Drive in Mumbai.
Price: INR500 for two, approximately
Food and beverages tried: Cold coffee, Kulhad coffee and veg sandwiches.

We basically went here everyday. We tried the cold coffee on the first day, Kulhad coffee after having dinner at Upre and sandwiches on the night when we had actually planned to eat at Raas Leela but that was unfortunately shut, leaving us with no other option at 11pm.

My second day was a very exhausting one with some hard luck with respect to food.

Jagat Niwas



Location: Lal Ghat
Ambience: Arabic seating like The Rainbow Restaurant but more luxurious
Price: INR1000 for two, approximately
Food and beverages tried: Fish fingers, pancake, apple crumb pie, chicken kathi roll, mango lassi and chocolate milkshake

Loved the fish fingers, roll and mango lassi. The mango lassi is a must try

Kabab Mistri


Location: Near Oberoi Udaivilas
Ambience: A dim lit rooftop as well as an indoor fine dine area
Price: INR1300 for two, approximately
Food and beverages tried: Cheese garlic naan, veg noodles, chicken curry, chilli garlic prawns and green tea

Complimentary: Non-alcoholic fruit shots and butter-scotch ice-cream

The shots were heavenly. Basically, everything was amazing. Kabab mistri is my favourite restaurant in Udaipur to dine at

The Chocolate Room


Location: Behind Lok Kala Mandir

Ambience: We got it parcelled for the night so didn’t physically go there

Price: INR500 for two, approximately

Food and beverages tried: The nutella pancake

Oh my god. The BEST FREAKING PANCAKE I’ve ever had

Somebody take me back there!

Jheel’s Ginger Cafe


Location: Gangour Ghat

Ambience: Roof top overlooking the Lake Pichola

Price: INR700 for two, approximately

Food and beverages tried: Cheese omelette, mushroom cheese omelette, arabic coffee, cafe bicerin and toasts

LOVED the mushroom cheese omelette and cafe bicerin

The perfect place for a breakfast

Jasmine Cafe



Location: Gangour Ghat

Ambience: Outdoor seating beside the Lake

Price: INR400 for two, approximately

Food and beverages tried: Mint tea, lemon tea and salad roll

This was my last stop before I left for the airport. Mint tea is definitely not my cup of tea

Cafe Edelweiss


Location: Chandpole

Ambience: Indoor colourful interior

Price: INR400 for two, approximately

Food and beverages tried: Kashmiri kehwa and turkish coffee

Both of them were amazing!


I also had a cappuccino at Udaivilas which was obviously amazing and a club sandwich and lassi at Grecco House which were perfect.

I hope this helps you plan your food dates in Udaipur! The last blog about the city is going to be about the people of that place. Beautiful in different ways. Till then, connect with me on various social media platforms and share and comment if you like the blog! So much love.

Happy Poss-ing!

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