The Hood, Mumbai – Food and Cocktail Review

The Hood is a new baby in the family of bars and pubs in Mumbai, raised by two engineers namely Prattyush and Akash. They have had their share of being tortured in some well known IT companies for years until now (I’m an engineer as well which is why I get it).  Now they are off it and are doing what they do best.  They are definitely proving some heads wrong who think that only people from a hospitality background can do well in this field. Engineers can really do whatever, no?

The Hood is a very affordable place with AMAZING food and great cocktails. The sound system is rad and every Tuesday night is a karaoke night. My girlfriends and I had a very musical night last Tuesday. And we realised something. We CANNOT sing. No, really. You’ll see it in the vlog I’ll be uploading on YouTube soon. *eye rolls* Surprisingly, some regulars here sing damn well and this place is apt for all age groups.

Mr. Mani is the manager who made sure we had a great time. He’s the chillest person you’ll meet here! The entire staff otherwise, is very welcoming and friendly. Anyway, without further ado, let me tell you about the drinks and dishes I tried.



Topless Tequila – 4/5


The taste and ingredients of this cocktail is as unique as its name. Although, this drink is not for the weak hearted or tender throats, rather. It consists of Tequila (obviously!), a kingfisher pint and some amount of Tobasco spicy sauce which makes it unexplainably delicious.

Queen LV – 8/5 (YASS. THAT good.)


If you ask me about the cocktails I can have tons of, this one’s going to top the list. It’s a vodka based cocktail with the flavours of lychees and lemongrass. Every sip is ultra refreshing and if you’re more of a mocktail person, this cocktail is going to be your poison. It’s THAT smooth.

Likes This Yoda – 5/5


I love wine and Sangria has always been my favourite wine based cocktail. Until I tasted this one. Red wine with whiskey sour is what this cocktail is comprised of and I’d keep going back to The Hood for this drink.

Rum Bhi Hai Josh Main – 6/5 (LOVE!)


This one tastes as good as it looks. It comes in a flask with herbs and dry ice flowing out as it’s poured into the glass, which makes it look extremely fascinating. You can’t resist snapchatting this drink, I bet. It’s a white rum and vodka based cocktail. Wait for the YouTube video to see it yourself.

Whiskey Ma Ki – 4/5


I don’t like whiskey but this cocktail is gooood. Whiskey spiked with herbs and spices and garnished with cinnamon and lemon. This one’s a little strong as compared to Rum Bhi Hai Josh Main.

Pirates Pal – 5/5


You know what happens when dark rum comes together with white rum, pineapple and passion fruit? The party starts. Yes, this drink will get you up on your feet and movin’. Not to forget the insane sound system The Hood has installed, it’s impossible to not want to dance in your chair already!

Caribbean Casanova – 7/5 (Craving right now!)


Can a Casanova ever go wrong? That too a caribbean one? Exactly. A real treat, this one. Malibu rum and cranberry juice are made for each other, now we know.

Baha Punch – 4/5


A dessert cocktail that includes white chocolate, rum and pineapple juice will give you the chills. I’m not a fan of white chocolate which is why this drink didn’t fascinate me as much but feel free to sip on  it if white chocolate is your thing.

Red Tribal Sangria – 5/5


Not like any other sangria, I mind you. The levels of citric acid added onto red wine is perfectly measured and appealing.

Vegetarian Food

Tikki Potli – 5/5


Crispy edible baskets stuffed with aloo and chole chaat, perfect to start your evenings with. Especially, if you have a taste palette for sweet and sour things in life.

O.M.F.G Fries – 8/5 (Best fries EVER)


Now, I am a sucker for french fries (if you didn’t know that already) and I’ve never seen this much a variety in fries on one plate. Cajun, rosemary and garlic parmesan fries served with three different dips – cheesy, spicy and garlicky. Explore away!

Stuffed Shrooms – 5/5


Creamy and cheesy tandoori mushrooms served with green chutney is one dish every mush-lover should get their hands on.

Ek Chatur Chaat Badi Hoshiyaar – 4/5


Papdi chaat taken to another level, not too spicy and surprisingly goes well with cocktails!

Chilli Cheese Toasties – 5/5


In large quantity, with a lot of cheese on a crispy base. Need I say more? Tastes good with any wine based cocktail BTW.

Pesky Potayto Skins – 4/5


Personally, I’m not a fan of potatoes with skin which is why this dish didn’t fascinate me as much but the toppings were damn tasty. Tomato based masala topped with a lot of melted cheese is what made it better.

Samosassy – 6/5


I tried the paneer tikka samosassy and oh. my. god. – This is one dish I’m going to go back for. P.S: I don’t like samosas yet this one turned out to be my favourite at The Hood.

Them Chilli Basil Things – 5/5


Paneer ones I got to lay my hands on and totally loved it. The best spicy vegetarian starter to munch on with some beer? This is it.

Non-vegetarian Food

Pow Wow – 5/5


Salli chicken stuffed inside Mumbai’s love – bread pavs, topped with some melted cheese is a fusion dish every non-veg Mumbaikar ought to try. I also had a chance to see how the filling is made and even a small dish like this one which looks easy to cook is an expert’s work. I filmed the head Chef – Sameer, making this and will be sharing it with you on YouTube in a couple of days!

MS. Sexy Tangdi – 8/5 (Sexy indeed!)


Chicken legs stuffed with cheese. Need I say more? DELICIOUS.

Thee Kulfi Kebab – 7/5


I’m sorry if my ratings look out of the way but that’s how good the dishes were. You’ll know when you try them for yourself. This one comes wrapped in silver foils which when opened, have a lot of melted cheese and malai with bits of chicken inside. Also, the quantity is a lot.

Effin’ Fiery Fish – 8/5 (The BEST)


I LOVE boneless fish. And this one comes with seasoned red and black pepper sauce. My favourite dish on the non-veg menu here.

Babumoshai Maach Tikka – 4/5


Mustard fish tikka served with green chutney, a moderately spicy delight.

Meet Mr. BOTI – 5/5


I do not like mutton but I loved this dish so imagine how great it actually will be if you already are a sucker for mutton.


Torta De Tres Leches – 5/5


Every bite of this sponge cake soaked in three types of milk will makes you yen for more. An impeccable conclusion to my enticing feast, must say.

So, when are you planning to visit The Hood? Stay tuned to my YouTube for the best part is yet to go live. Watch me and my girl gang sing awfully!

Happy Poss-ing!

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