At Storytellers’ Bar, Pondicherry – Enchanting Cocktails, Impeccable Food & Enticing Tales

At Storytellers’ Bar, Pondicherry – Enchanting Cocktails, Impeccable Food & Enticing Tales

After a long day spent soaking in the sunlight with my feet dipped in cold beach water, we arrived at The Promenade – A Hidesign property in White Town, Pondicherry. To wash off the fatigue from all the travelling done, we were headed to the Storytellers’ Bar, greeted by the property’s General Manager Mr. Vinay. A black and white movie was been screened when we walked in but I was distracted by the stunning art work there. From its walls to the floor, everything had a blend of refreshing vibes.

After calling for a couple of cocktails and starters, we got to hear Vinay’s story. Now, that’s an amazing thing about this place, expect it or not you will always leave the bar with stories (not just your own). He hails from Manali and it was interesting to know about his journey in the hotel industry. Quite often, this bar celebrates events where people can share their stories or watch old evergreen black and white movies. Its all about a community that grows as it shares.

Ready to hog onto some food and alcohol, we carefully witnessed the art of cocktail making – Rose Wine Sangria and Standing Tall “The Lighthouse”.

I’m a sucker for Sangrias and you might not find Rose Wine Sangria on the menu but you can surely request for it. Knowing that I hadn’t tried a Rose Wine Sangria before, the bartender highly recommended it. And man, was it good!


Rose Wine Sangria

With some apples, peaches, watermelon and lemon pieces partly crushed, 120ml Sula Zinfandel Rosé is added to a chilled wine glass – giving you Rosé Sangria. The flavour of watermelon dominates the cocktail. Very few places serve this which is why you should definitely give this one a try when in Pondicherry.

Standing Tall “The Lighthouse”

I would give away anything to have a glass of this magical potion every day. This one is a gin based cocktail with elderberry, brunt cinnamon and lavender. Gin is generally not for the weakhearted but this cocktail is one smooth ride I suggest you take.

Pondicherry Mutton Samosas

Served with mint and sweet tamarind chutney, this dish was irresistible. I don’t eat mutton but I’m always in for an experiment which is why on chef Satish’s recommendation we decided to try it and boy! I fell in love. These golden babies are perfectly soft on the inside and crispy on the out.

Spicy Lacquered Chicken Wings With Soy BBQ Sauce

Finger licking’ good? This one sure is. A level better than your usual chicken wings, with peanuts.

I couldn’t stop eating the samosas though so I definitely tried two pieces of the chicken wings but traded it with my friend so I could eat more of the samosas. I gave up chicken for mutton. Who knew that was even possible but I guess that was my “New year new me” moment.

After the alcohol and stories, we were headed to The Promenade’s fine dine restaurant – The Blueline for an authentic french meal. All the details about this meal by the sea will be up in the next blog. Stay tuned and hungry you guys!

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