Roots Of India – Indian Cuisine at its Best, in Mumbai

Roots Of India – Indian Cuisine at its Best, in Mumbai

Hello food lovers, I’ve discovered a brand new restaurant in Mumbai that does absolute justice to India’s culinary diversity. Why do I say that? Because from a south Indian specialty to a Malvani dish, the chefs at Roots Of India seem to hit perfection in everything they make.

Also, If an evening of amazing food and conversation is what you’re craving then you should get yourself a table here and thank me later. The ambience is lavish yet traditional with soft lighting and mellow music. The staff is very welcoming and the chef knows what he’s doing so I suggest you discuss your palate preferences with him before placing an order.

Let’s get you hungry now;


Kale Chane Ka Capuccino – Not a fan of soups but I’ve never had a soup like this before. And you don’t even require a spoon to have it!

Baluchi Chaap – Grilled mutton chops that is perfectly cooked and moderately spicy.


Aatishi Pomphret – A Malvani fish delicacy cooked in clay oven.

Chicken Chettinad with makhmali roti and butter naan – My favourite dish of the night. If you love spicy curry, you should definitely try this one.

Dark Knight – A secret recipe, that looks as appealing as it tastes.


Heaven Love – As refreshing as its name.

They are awaiting their liquor license at the moment hence this review doesn’t include any of their cocktails yet. It should be on in a couple of days so do call and check in case you plan on having a cocktail night there. P.S they also have intriguing buffet offers. You can keep up with their updates here.

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Happy Poss-ing!

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