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You know, there’s this urban legend about the discovery of tea that took place about 5000 years ago? A Chinese emperor – Shen Nung, one fine afternoon, was boiling some water when a leaf accidentally landed into the boiling pot. The emperor curiously tasted the end result contained in the pot and was surprised by the refreshing flavour it had. This then became a recipe of the now-a-days widely used beverage known as ‘Tea’.

Now, that’s an urban legend but teas are definitely soul-reviving and body-rejuvenating. And that is my recent discovery because if you know me at all, you’ll know that the one thing I can’t live without is coffee but my taste grounds are in for a renovation at the moment.

I personally tried about 10 varieties of teas, over two weeks, sent over by Chai Safari, in the most sophisticatedly fancy yet user-friendly packaging. And Chai Safari, if you don’t already know, is a company of experts based in Siliguri, who are aware of the various types of teas and how each of them is capable of affecting one’s mood. Which is why their tea assemblage is categorised on the basis of various moods such as fresh, cheerful, peaceful, nostalgic, romantic, excited, mysterious and many more.
The thing that I love the most about Chai Safari’s products is that it literally has huge dried leaves and not dust that curls out when boiled. Every tea that I tried had its own distinct flavour and properties but here are my favourite picks.

Assam Masala TeaNostalgic/Cheerful

With a combination of ginger, black pepper and cloves, this milk-based tea, as described by Chai Safari itself, is summer in a bowl. The Mumbai climate is changing rapidly and us Mumbaikars aren’t used to a cold weather, which is why I was down with fever and cold a week back when I decided to try this tea and oh my God! This cup of tea was so comforting that I had it for two days straight and it made a huge difference to my health. Personally, this one’s my favourite!

Lemon Mint Green TeaFresh/Excited

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear lemon and mint? ‘Refreshing’, I’m guessing, because that’s exactly how this cup of tea makes you feel. Literally a sensation of an awakening of all your senses at once, I had this cup of tea after a long and exhausting day shopping, after which I felt that I could go back to the mall for some more cardio. But my pocket didn’t allow me to, so I went for a run instead.

Bombay Cutting ChaiNostalgic/Excited

Frankly, since I’m from Mumbai, this packet is the first sample I opened after receiving the package. And as soon as I did, this typical Bombay cutting chai’s smell enticed me. There is something special about Bombay’s authentic cutting chai which every Mumbaikar deeply connects with and Chai Safari has succeeded in putting it in a packet so you can have your own share of cutting chai at home, whenever you wish to! With a strong mixture of ginger and cardamom, this tea has my heart.

Rose Green TeaRomantic/Mysterious

This green tea is perfect for those of you who want to detoxify and get into a healthy routine of consuming green tea everyday but are unable to tolerate the strong taste of a normal green tea, like myself. This tea is so smooth and it leaves this savouring rose flavour at the end of every sip which makes this healthy habit effortlessly adaptable. Indian rose petals are used in this tea and possesses the quality of enhancing one’s immunity as well.

Now the best part (if you’re a tea lover or know one) is that we are hosting a Chai Safari Giveaway on our Instagram/Facebook where you stand a chance of wining a gift box from Chai Safari containing four types of teas! Namely – Assam Masala Chai, Rose Green tea, Darjeeling Black Autumn Flush and Whole Leaf Green tea. Start this year with a blissful gift, participate by following the steps on our Instagram/Facebook page and stay tuned for the results. The contest starts on the 10th of January’17 and ends on the 14th of January’17.

Go get yourself some exquisite tea here!

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P.C: Shruti Gadia, Roma Maity, Mohit Kabare and Calvin D’souza
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