13 Things You’ve Got To Try If You’re a Foodie!

Are you like me when it comes to food? Do you love experimenting with your taste palate? Trying new cuisines and dishes? There are two major things I wish to do to the maximum limit in my life. One – travel to all the places possible (Moon is on my list as well BTW). Two – taste every edible thing in the world. I mean why not? Are you even aware of the number of flavours that exist in the world? How about discovering them all?

I haven’t been on a global food spree yet but I will definitely let you know when I do! Until then, here are some of the things that are absolutely perfect. Some are vegetarian dishes, some are non-vegetarian, a few drinks and some dessert. Since I have spent most of my life in Bombay, this blog is all about the places in Bombay itself. Take a look!

#1 – Philly Cheesecake at Smoke House Deli


I had first discovered this dish in the year 2013 and I swear to god, I haven’t tasted a better cheesecake till date. It is absolutely PARFAIT. The right amount of a crispy crumb base with the right amount of soft cheese all over which melts effortlessly to give you a cheese-gasm. If you’ve tried this piece of heaven and still find some other cheesecake better than this, please let me know. I can’t imagine eating a cheesecake better than this one.

#2 – Chicken Wok Box at Loco Chino


Whole wheat noodles with necessarily chilli basil sauce (if you love spicy Chinese), chicken and your preferred veggies make up the chicken wok box which is too delicious to just have a bite. Trust me, even writing about this is making my mouth water right now! It’s quantity is a little too much (for me at least), but don’t worry about wasting it because it tastes just the same even after three to four hours. And this is definitely going to be my dinner tonight! *slurrp*

#3 – Red Wine Sangria at Social


Whether you’re a wine lover or not, you’ll undoubtedly love this Sangria. It has the perfect mixture of everything to give you a sweet and sour taste leaving you craving for just another sip, every damn time! Also, the pitcher is alright for two people and four glasses.

#4 – Arab Ki Thali at Glocal Junction


Now this dish is a platter of different tastes. It basically has lavash and pita served with three different arabic dips – Muhammara, Hummus and Babaganoush. Spicy, creamy and fruity. Definitely something that should be on you check list!

#5 – Lemon Iced Tea at Bistro 1


Has this happened with you quite often that you call for a lemon iced tea but something is always more or less in it? Either it’s too sweet and syrupy or too lemony? Ordering for an iced tea is always a risky call but Bistro 1 is one such place where I always get the perfect lemon iced tea. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

#6 – Cheese Omelette at Harbour/bay view


A perfect fluffy omelette with nothing but cheese oozing out of it after every single bite is what this place has to offer you. In addition to this, you’ll have a great view of the Gateway of India from this place (and this place serves alcohol as well). Yay! And I’m sorry I was too hungry to click a picture this time so i’ve taken one from Zomato to show you the view!

#7 – Joey’s Special Pizza at Joey’s Pizza 


Every bite is heavenly. Also, this special pizza has fries on top. Could it get any better? And if you love spicy, you should definitely try Tornado!

#8 – Cottage Cheese on Skewers at Olive Bistro


You won’t take more than two minutes to finish the whole platter. It’s that smooth and delicious!

#9 – Stuffed mushrooms at British Brewing Company


A mouth watering delight for the vegetarians at BBC, which is otherwise well known for it’s non-veg dishes. One plate is NOT enough to satisfy your hungry soul, I bet.

#10 – Nutella Brownie at Le 15 Patisserie


I have nothing to say about this one. Just try it once, you’ll understand why this little piece of chocolate made it to this list!

#11 – Lat Mei Kai at China Ming


You know how you find some people sweet at first but they turn out to be ultra spicy later on? Yeah, that happens in every bite of this chicken starter. And it’s amazing.

#12 – Cheesy Fries at Mockingbird Cafe bar


Perfectly crispy french fries in a large amount of melted cheese. The best add-on? White wine sangria and an amazing book from their in-house library! Happy Sundays? Definitely.

#13 – The Classic Lasagne at Silver Beach Cafe


The best vegetarian lasagne I’ve tried till date.

All these dishes have been personally tried by me, once or multiple times. Again, this is a personal view so feel free to disagree. In fact, let me know if you know better places for these dishes. I’d love to try them! Also, no part of this blog is sponsored. Hence, this is purely based on personal taste and experience. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates because #ApossEats quite often.

You can reach me at aposs8@outlook.com as well. Would love to hear from you. Cheers!

Happy Poss-ing!

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