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If you were told to paint down your life on a canvas, what would it look like? I would like it colorful, with splashes of bright and dark colors, horizontal and vertical textures, sometimes floral and sometimes monochromous. Well, isn’t that how an average happening life is supposed to look like? It is not always all red or all black in someone’s life. There are ups and downs, curves and lines, circles and squares and some spots too.
I have a theory. Every color has a story and an emotion. Quite simple to figure that out. For instance, white is pure and simple whereas red can signify love or anger. Pink is pretty and confident whereas grey is confused. Blue is royal and rich whereas black is classy as well as masked. Our lives are like pieces of modern art, filled with colors and textures. Hard to make but looks beautiful on a whole.

This theory is applicable in the world of styling too. Not sure what goes on what? Club in active and passive colors with prints. I am personally not a big fan of floral print but aztec print is to die for. Be it men or women, aztec print suits them all. Prints and color bombs can make any outfit look stylish. The present most effective style mantra is wearing monochrome with one hot color like hot pink or red and color bombing the whole look. I will soon blog about monochrome styling too.

I am obsessed with bini hats. Recently bought one and couldn’t wait to style it. At first I was confused as to what should I style it with. Another love, my grey cape was waiting to be flashed too. So I picked up my hot pink tee-back and a warm pair of leggings filled with colors and textures. The leggings also had a tinge of hot pink so I knew I was headed the right way. This bright colorful look needed a calm and elegant touch so came in the black boots and the black handbag.

A bini hat isn’t just cool but also very useful. I always carry it in my bag especially in the evenings. It serves me two main purposes, firstly it saves my hair from getting all messed up on the bike and secondly it keeps my head all warm. A cape is so comfortable and you you wear it on shorts or Indian kurtas too.

A very unexpected thing happened on the day I was shooting for this blog. Lavina (my photographer) and I were shooting in front of a huge wooden gate not knowing who lived there. After a while we saw a bunch of people coming out through that gate. Of them all, I recognized one. Yes, Mr. Jackie Shroff it was. He was so friendly and polite. I waved at him like I knew him (I do not know why) and surprisingly he waved back at me with a huge smile. I couldn’t help but notice his style, especially that hanky tied around his neck. Different and comfy. He suggested me a few good places to shoot at and agreed to pose with me for a few clicks. Shooting for a blog is a tough job but treats like this in between keeps me going.

So keep color bombing your outfits as well as your life. Send me your styles on and I shall feature it if it is bombed enough.







OOTD details:

Red bini hat: Forever21

Grey cape: Splash

Hot pink tee-back: Ginger

Leggings: Ginger

Black boots: Forever21

Black handbag: Rhysetta

Silver ear cuff: Forever21

Ring: Colaba causeway

Round sunglasses: Forever21

PC: Lavina Karkera



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