My Sun Sign & Why I’m Obsessed With Astrology

My Sun Sign & Why I’m Obsessed With Astrology

Astrology as an overall subject is one that has always fascinated me. In fact, when I was around 14, I used to spend hours at Crossword, reading all about mine and my friends’ sun signs. *Psst* I only stopped doing this because I was practically done with each and every astrology related book there.

So recently when Nirwaana came up with their zodiac inspired neckpiece collection, I couldn’t not get my hands on them. This collection has 12 designs, each inspired by the different zodiac signs with a layer of two pendants – one that has the signs’ constellation of stars and a shorter one with the particular birthstone.

The place I chose to shoot at, is an aries personality summed up as a lounge. Warm, cozy yet not comfortable. Always dynamic, with a touch of rough unpolished antiques. Closed but huge windows – a river of possibilities and unpredictable evenings!

So since I’m an Aries, my birthstone is diamond and its combination with sterling silver is absolutely stunning. (Better than others’, duh!)

Aries are known to be straightforward and direct. They are fearless and known to forge their way through life in the most unconventional ways. The mighty Diamonds are always the first choice for the first sign of the zodiac and do great justice in representing their invincible persona. 

That’s how Nirwaana sums up Aries personalities and we couldn’t agree more, right? How many of you guys share my sun sign? High-five me in the comments below!

On a serious note, I truly believe in the power of the universe and wearing your birthstone attracts positive energy in ways unknown, that enhances one’s state of existence – physically, mentally and spiritually. Good thing for me, I’m a sucker for diamonds any way. But now I have a piece that not only has a diamond in it but also my constellation of stars. This piece of accessory has a personalised touch and looks so minimal yet trendy that it can be constantly worn every day. 

Now that I have done this blog, I’m wondering why I never blogged about astrology, it being so close to me. (You know the extent if you know me)

Are you an astrology freak like me? Tell me what your sun sign is and I’ll tell you something cool (or crazy) in the comments below.

You can check out Nirwaana’s Stellar collection here and let’s stay connected on Instagram! I can be your fortune teller! Kidding…or not.

Until the next one, Happy Possing!

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