Udaipur City – Places which every traveller should visit ..or Not

Udaipur City – Places which every traveller should visit ..or Not

Hello wander lovers! Another piece of a vagabond’s mind is here to take you on a digital trip to the sublime city of lakes – Udaipur, Rajasthan. Like I promised you in my previous blog (read that first if you are our new reader!), this one is an assorted list of places which are totally worth a stop or not. Without wasting anymore words, let me take you to:

Fateh Sagar 






The marine drive of Udaipur is what I’d like to call this hip place. You will probably cross this lake a couple of times while exploring the city and I bet you won’t be able to refrain yourself from stopping at any point near this lake to enjoy the view and the famous cold coffee (details coming up in the Udaipur food blog). The best thing about this place is that it’s the only joint where you will find food till after midnight. 1am to be precise. All the restaurants shut down by 11pm max. So, if you get hungry in Udaipur at midnight, you know where to go! And don’t worry, you’ll find people of all ages here till late night, totally minding their own business besides having a great time. Because Udaipur is as safe as Mumbai. REALLY.

The Oberoi Udaivilas






Take a walk around this beautiful property, NOT without a friend who can click you because like you can see, every corner here makes you look prettier than you do in real life. Anyway, not only  will the spa and pool area captivate you but will make you want to be rich to spend a day in their hot selling pool suite. My favourite part was their in-house sanctuary near which I got to be three steps away from some stunning peacocks. And can you see how I clicked one like a pro? It was drizzling when I captured the one that you can see in the picture above, which is why it’s all puffed up, getting ready to dance in the rain! Also, I saw a lot more there which is saved exclusively for the travel vlog. So waaaaait for it and subscribe to our Youtube channel in advance to show your support.

The Monsoon Palace









Also known as Sajjan garh, this ancient palace is located at a height of 3100ft above mean sea level. Over looking the Fateh Sagar, this place is a paradise in the monsoon season, especially. You will have a view of the entire city and beyond which is breathtaking! This was built by the seventy second Mewar king for astronomical purposes and as a vacation spot for his family. Apart from the fancy colourful doors, this place is the ultimate vacation resort for the rad Langurs! This place might seem a little far from the main city but it’s a must visit.

Amet Palace and hotel





This destination defines perfection. It is absolutely flawless. I so wish to stay at the Amet hotel next time. The beautiful blue pool, the ideal amount of greenery and floors made of stone surrounded by the utopian white walls is where I spent my valuable forty-five minutes doing nothing but just soaking it all in.

Badi Lake







So, on my first day itself, my friend and I borrowed a scooty from her friend which helped us discover some peerless spots and the classical people of Rajasthan around the Badi lake. We also stopped on our way to grab a bite of coal-cooked bhutta (corn) from a lady listening to some folk music as she worked. You can also opt for a boat ride here with your friends and family.




Ambrai will barely take five minutes of your time but the Ambra restaurant situated right next to it will make you want to spend the rest of your day curling up with a book and some coffee. I was exploring the city alone on the second day and I wanted to try the food at this restaurant but my timing sucked. I was too early for lunch and late for breakfast but they did manage to feed this hungry soul a little something. The picture above was the view from where I was seated. That white floating thing is the Jag Mandir, by the way which is not really a temple but it was named so with the purpose to save it from foreign attacks. And I promise you’ll have a great view of this place in the upcoming YouTube video.

Lake Pichola 




All of my favourite lake-view restaurants are situated along the circumference of this lake. The bridges, the city palace, Ambrai and a pile of major core destinations in Udaipur are facing this oh-so-important waterbody. And this lake is what I miss the most. Because half the places I visited wouldn’t be much of a surreal experience if not for this lake. Pro tip: Stand anywhere near the lake at night and checkout all the rooftop restaurants in your sight. Choose as your heart suggests and explore away. There is a 99% chance that you will have an exceptional time there. The above snaps are from my last day in the city of lakes. See the green stone pendant? Got it for just 100 bucks at a shop in the old city market!

The City Palace



Yeah the place was pretty and all but it didn’t fascinate me as much. I personally wouldn’t go there again. If you’re a fan of historical places and museums, you should give it a shot. I did see a group of desi women sing folk songs which was the best part about this place.

The Vintage Car Museum 


No offence but this place was a waste of money. 250 bucks is the entry fee and they have some vintage cars displayed in a circular pattern. Unless you’re a fan of vintage cars, you should rather save that money for some street food and chaat at Bapu bazaar.

This pretty much sums up the places you shouldn’t miss in Udaipur. Three days are clearly not enough to explore, eat and shop here. I do have some more places on my check list planned for my next time and I experimented with more eating joints rather than historical places. The next blog is going to be a about the restaurants in Udaipur where I ate. A basic food guide. Some good, some different and some beautiful souls. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated about it all! Say hello on aposs8@outlook.com.

Until next time;

Happy Poss-ing!

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