What Makes You Truly Rich?

What Makes You Truly Rich?

When was the last time you sat ideal, living in the moment, admiring the sun set? Took a break from whatever it is that you’ve been doing, got yourself a cup of your favourite and just looked out of your terrace or took a walk on the beach.. only to catch the sun set.

I did this every day during my little getaway to Goa. But before that? I don’t recall even remotely being outdoors during golden hours for YEARS. And it wasn’t until I did, that I realised, how beautiful, inspiring and therapeutic this daily routine of nature truly is. So much so, that I couldn’t believe how ridiculous our metropolitan lives really are. When the sky plays with hues and patterns and magic each evening, most of us are almost always in front of a screen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the jobs we do and love but it’s unbelievably sad that most of us, working our arses off, climbing the ladder ticking off our goals one by one, miss out on the simplest of things that hold the power to bring a smile on our faces & a sense of calm to our minds – free of cost. A half hour of doing nothing during this golden hour – is the purest and freest form of soul reinvention you can experience – EVERY DAY.

Yeah..I know what you’re thinking; It’s a great thought Swastica and we all know how beautiful sunsets are but let’s get real..your vacation can’t be a reality each day now, can it? Of course not. But isn’t it a goal worth having?

Don’t you think you’d be truly rich if you could afford to catch the sun set each day?

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