How To Travel For A Week In Under $200 – Budget Travel

How To Travel For A Week In Under $200 – Budget Travel


Travelling is an art. And the best lessons in life are learnt while doing it. Be it about your personal growth or mental, it teaches you everything related to finance as well. You would relate to this if you’re a backpacker/millennial who saves to travel in a budget. Because once you start travelling, there’s no stopping.

How much do you generally spend on a trip? Well, the answer to this is relative. It depends on a lot of factors such as the number of days, distance covered, hotels as well as food choices. Have you ever travelled for a week for under $200? If not, here are some points to keep in mind to do so:

  1. No flights, please.

Yes, we all love the thrill and luxury of flying to destinations to save time but lets face it, you cannot explore a new place and live there for a week in under $200 if you choose to fly to your destination. We wish flights were cheaper but they tend to dig up a big hole in our pockets.

So travel local. Take a bus, train or even car pool. It will cut down your cost by 75-85%.

2. Hostels and tents are awesome!

So if your desired destinations have hostels or tents that you can rent, do that. After all, as a traveller you just need a corner to crash at for about six hours a day. If not, you can find budget stays with the help of some websites such as Travel Pedia or AirBnB.

3. Walk till you can.

Exploring isn’t done sitting in an ac cab. You need to get out there on your feet to really experience a place in depth. The details you’ll notice will surely mesmerise you. And it will also save you some bucks.

4. Eat what the locals eat.

Refrain yourself from spending too much on expensive food. Eat like a local. This way you get to feast on authentic food and save money too.

5. Say no to shopping.

You don’t need to buy things that you get back at home too. Maybe some souvenirs from the streets but no mall/fancy store visits please.

6. Travel packages can be a steal.

Through personal experience, I have discovered that some online travel companies offer packages under $200 for a staycation of upto 4-6 nights, such as Travel Pedia . Inclusions are stay, food as well as local traveling. This is the best option if you are not too good at handling your money or are in need of expert guidance.

Do leave your suggestions in the comments below with respect to traveling under a budget. Let’s learn from each other’s experiences and travel better, shall we?

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