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Blue Jeans ONLY!










A perfect pair of jeans is the toughest to find. Especially when you are skinny like me. The fitting has to be perfect at every angle and as jeans is supposed to be comfortable, the material surely matters. Two stores never disappoint me when it comes to denim. Namely, ONLY and ZARA have the craziest jeans ever.

The one I am wearing in this blog is from ONLY only and it fits me so well that I don’t feel like wearing any of my other old jeans. This piece is amazing because:

#1. It is an acid wash jeans.

#2. It is neatly ripped.

#3. It ends right above my ankle.

#4. It has zips at the bottom (I love extra zipping on denim).

All styles in one pair of jeans and in a completely perfect proportion. I got this piece for 2k after discount. Yeah, really. A flat 50% off sale is on currently and trust me, it is a treat and not a collection of stale dirty leftovers.

There is one thing about denim, that you should feel confident in them for them to bring out the best in you.


Getting this look together wasn’t as simple as it looks. I literally looked for everything perfect.

Like I said, I am deeply, madly and unconditionally in love with the color white. No wait, conditions definitely apply. Especially when it is a plain white tee. Not every white tee is good enough. The material of the tee especially when white in color matters a lot (For girls, of course. Guys have an easier life! ). But I got lucky when I saw this piece at the Zara showroom in Malad for just 390 bucks. You cannt get a better deal ANYWHERE.

Now, with the basic white tee and blue jeans on the menu, I couldn’t put on any other lip color but red. Also, according to me, gladiators on a pair of jeans are not only a strong hot combination but it also makes your legs look longer.

I personally love men’s watch. This one is my favorite from FCUK. I have it since four years now and I just can’t seem to let it go.

To give this basic look a little edge I added the carved jewellery I bought from Mussoorie. This is such a chic look and it could turn into a corporate look just by adding a blazer to it. Add a pair of converse and remove the jewellery for a sporty look. Denim can do everything! 






OOTD Details:


Jeans: ONLY

Watch: FCUK

Jewellery: Mussoorie

Shoes: ZARA

Bag: Forever21

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How To Rock Some Basic Colors In Basics! [Vol III]

LOOK 3 & 4: 



Play with two colors only and some shapes

Also, color co-ordinate your shoes, bags and accessories according to your outfit colors.








 Basic tee-shirts are not only a necessity but a great option for creative styling.

As mentioned in my earlier blogs How To Rock Some Basics In Basics [Vol I] and How To Rock Some Basics In Basics [Vol II], you do not need fancy clothes all the time to look all dressed up. According to me, the hottest clothes I own are a pair of blue jeans and a plain white tee-shirt. With the right amount of styling and accessorizing, you can make a statement in tee-shirts too.

This becomes easier when brands like Cult Fiction gives us a trendy collection of tee-shirts like the ones I am wearing in this blog. You can also checkout there collection on facebook and follow their page for updates.

Out of all, the black tee with white triangles is my favorite. Not only because it is black but also because it is so boho and mysterious. Also, it’s more like a crop top that ends exactly above my waist line. Wearing this on a pair of black shorts gave it a hippie look. A watch and easy-to-walk-in-boots add to the comfort experienced in this look.

The blue tee-shirt is a baseball tee but with modified sleeves. Stripes! Now this we do not easily find, do we? Pairing it up with blue denim and a white clutch made it an all blue and white look. Also, the blue and white converse and my blue glares made it even better. This look totally explains the code of blue.

Considering the weather these day, especially in Mumbai and Lonavala, these looks are ultra monsoon-friendly. So get ’em on and enjoy the rains!

Sometimes, I would say the best styling mantra is playing around with two colours only. Try it and show me  what you can create keeping this mantra in mind. E-mail me your look on aposs8@outlook.com or tag me on instagram and hashtag #APOSS8 to get featured on my blog as well as instagram.

For regular updates follow my page on facebook. Also, stay tuned for an all denim blog coming up! Till then, don’t catch cold! But I already did. Aaachooo! Sorry.


OOTD Details:

 LOOK 1- in Black

Tee: Cult Fiction

Shorts: Bare denim

Shoes: Forever21

Watch: FCUK

LOOK 2- in Blue

Tee: Cult Fiction

Denim: Forever21

Shoes: AllStar Converse

Glares: IDEE

Bag: Forever21

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Wait, why am I here?

cropped-BeFunky_DSCN71282.jpg2_.jpg              _DSCN7071.jpg     _DSCN7087.jpg










Happiness is nothing but the feeling a person gets when he does what he has always wanted to do. There are two types of happiness’. One being ‘virtual happiness’ and the other is ‘eternal happiness’. Sounds stupid? Let me explain it to you. When I am sad or let’s just say, not happy, I go shopping. I enter a mall, look at pretty clothes and bags and shoes, it gives me happiness. I buy some of that pretty stuff, it gives me more of that happiness. This is virtual happiness. I will be happy for a day and what after that? The stuff I bought is no longer new and shiny and doesn’t really make me as happy as it did the day I bought it.
Now consider a guy who loves to play the guitar or football, No matter how bad his day must be going the guitar lover gets immense pleasure playing a guitar and it makes him forget about the bad day he has been having. Similarly, all a footballer looks forward to is to play his favorite sport or watch it and when he does, he goes into another world where the only emotion he feels is happiness. This is eternal happiness. This feeling is pure and harmless.
Fashion blogging is the key to my eternal happiness (recently discovered). My dream job is to be a full time fashion blogger. Imagine people paying you to do what you love, heaven right? I am a 3/4th computer engineer by the way. Oh don’t ask how that happened, I am unaware of that myself. My favorite time-pass is to stalk the fashion bloggers I follow on instagram and do some online shopping. Trust me, I can do that all day and all night.
I will tell you how I recently discovered my key to happiness. A few months ago, when I was stalking some of the fashion bloggers while my Mathematics III lecture was on, the thought of ‘I wish I was a fashion blogger too’ occurred to me. How cool would a professional fashion blogger’s life be? The work being to look good and shop more and review brands ( and later on own a brand, that is my dream. ). Oh that is eternal happiness. I spent months thinking about the pros and cons because staying in a hostel and having to study the subject we engineering students have to (not that we actually do), I had to think twice before getting into it. There were more reasons for a no than for a yes. Staying in a hostel, in a hill station like Lonavala where there are no such things as malls and people there never wear shorts or heels (the two very basics I love). Oh and the worst negative point was the internet access facility is missing there. I am lucky dad gave me a net-connect dongle because of which I have survived these 2.5 years. Also, there were the positives. Lonavala is so beautiful, all you can think of doing there is clicking a pretty picture and insta (instagram) it. And plus every alternate weekends I visit my parents in Mumbai and sometimes don’t return for a week. So I finally started working on my love. And today I have my own website and my first blog is ready and you are here reading it ( How jobless are you? ) and after you are done reading it you will probably leave a lovestruck comment down there ( Well, I hope).
Let me tell you that I am not filthy rich yet, I do not shop from Prada and Chanel every weekend and I do not own a shop yet ( I will, in a few years). It kinda makes me sad sometimes when I see my favorite fashion bloggers wearing ‘oh so Prada’ stuff which we students can only wish for so I thought why not write about affordable fashion which any girl can afford. Style is not defined by labels and don’t let the labels define you either. You define them. I hope one day I define a label and own it. Hence the name of my blog – APOSS, (which stands for A Part Of Swastica Swapn) which shall be a brand one day. And ten years later when you read this, you will be wearing my label.


My photographer, Lavina Karkera.

BeFunky_DSCN7114.jpg altAvtIrTXmQGmdAC2jO1vi-abprl6FGWwWqe28BIACtAZ7 BeFunky_DSCN7029.jpg BeFunky_DSCN7097.jpg BeFunky_DSCN7107.jpg



The look in the above post is a very casual college going look. It completely defines who I am. A student for now. The ripped jeans is from Lee Cooper and I have ripped them myself. The neon pink tank top is from Zara. The flip-flops are from Forever21. The watch is from FCUK and it is a men’s watch and I totally love it. The star studs and clip-on is from Forever21 too. The yellow aviators are my favorite and they are from Colaba causeway. The pink doodle diary with my name engraved on it is from Doodle Collection You can find them on instagram also by the name ‘doodleindia’. In all it has the basic clothes and accessories every girl generally has. And not to forget, It is super comfy!

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