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How To Rock Some Basic Colors In Basics! [Vol III]

LOOK 3 & 4: 



Play with two colors only and some shapes

Also, color co-ordinate your shoes, bags and accessories according to your outfit colors.








 Basic tee-shirts are not only a necessity but a great option for creative styling.

As mentioned in my earlier blogs How To Rock Some Basics In Basics [Vol I] and How To Rock Some Basics In Basics [Vol II], you do not need fancy clothes all the time to look all dressed up. According to me, the hottest clothes I own are a pair of blue jeans and a plain white tee-shirt. With the right amount of styling and accessorizing, you can make a statement in tee-shirts too.

This becomes easier when brands like Cult Fiction gives us a trendy collection of tee-shirts like the ones I am wearing in this blog. You can also checkout there collection on facebook and follow their page for updates.

Out of all, the black tee with white triangles is my favorite. Not only because it is black but also because it is so boho and mysterious. Also, it’s more like a crop top that ends exactly above my waist line. Wearing this on a pair of black shorts gave it a hippie look. A watch and easy-to-walk-in-boots add to the comfort experienced in this look.

The blue tee-shirt is a baseball tee but with modified sleeves. Stripes! Now this we do not easily find, do we? Pairing it up with blue denim and a white clutch made it an all blue and white look. Also, the blue and white converse and my blue glares made it even better. This look totally explains the code of blue.

Considering the weather these day, especially in Mumbai and Lonavala, these looks are ultra monsoon-friendly. So get ’em on and enjoy the rains!

Sometimes, I would say the best styling mantra is playing around with two colours only. Try it and show me  what you can create keeping this mantra in mind. E-mail me your look on aposs8@outlook.com or tag me on instagram and hashtag #APOSS8 to get featured on my blog as well as instagram.

For regular updates follow my page on facebook. Also, stay tuned for an all denim blog coming up! Till then, don’t catch cold! But I already did. Aaachooo! Sorry.


OOTD Details:

 LOOK 1- in Black

Tee: Cult Fiction

Shorts: Bare denim

Shoes: Forever21

Watch: FCUK

LOOK 2- in Blue

Tee: Cult Fiction

Denim: Forever21

Shoes: AllStar Converse

Glares: IDEE

Bag: Forever21

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