Serial Dreams, Parallel Life & a Dreamcatcher

Serial Dreams, Parallel Life & a Dreamcatcher


When I was little, I used to get the same nightmare night after night, for over a year. On some blessed nights I would dream of something normal though. Imagine being stuck in a tiny boat alone, in the middle of the sea at night. Now add a thunder storm – everything dark and grey with a light drizzle. That’s the nightmare I’m talking about. I would just try to row myself to safety, fail each time and wake up with a shock while drowning.

Recently I discover that this is a phenomenon known as serial dreams. I now know it must have had some significance but I was too young then to understand it. I am hydrophobic though. I did try to learn to swim for a couple of months when I was about 9 but just couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love water and beaches and pools but I just can’t bring myself to put my head under water. I don’t know if it has something to do with that serial dream or not. Some theories suggest serial dreams are a flashback to your past life or future. While I wonder if these are the glimpses of our parallel lives where we led a different life and took decisions differently. Or maybe my subconscious mind was just telling me to learn how to swim. Guess we’ll never know but I’ll give swimming another shot sometime this year.

Have you ever experienced a serial dream? Tell me about it.

Dreamcatchers fancy me since the time I saw one in Twilight. Yes, I can’t stand that movie now but I loved the first book when it was launched. I have two dreamcatchers: A big purple one which is a gift and a little black one I got myself. And it wasn’t easy finding an all black dream catcher but I got lucky in Manali. The funny thing is that it’s supposed to catch bad dreams but when I put this one up all fresh, all I experienced was nightmares for a week or so. I don’t really believe in its power as such now but its just a pretty thing for me so I’ve kept it.

Very keen on understanding dreams, I attempted to read Sigmund Freud’s book on it which stated that dreams are our desires that might be impossible in a real social setting or just unattained yet. Dreams are a way our mind fulfils repressed wishes. Sometimes, our dreams tell us what we want even before our conscious self knows that we want it.

Dreams are like the universe. Indefinite, unpredictable and us humans can only make theories about it. Do you have a theory any different?

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