about the heat, the dust

less cheese on my thin crust.

The breakdowns at dawn,

for having nothing to wear, yet again

Quest of Uber, Ola or anything with wheels,

just to be stuck in traffic – a little earlier

to reach where I ought to – a little less late.

I miss complaining

about the sudden deadlines

meetings that could have been emails

or the oh-so-ridiculous TikTok craze

Zomato taking too long, to bring me my fries

Or my momos, with missing mayonnaise

How could they? No it’s NOT fine!

Day-long chattering on WhatsApp,

To make the 26th reunion attempt – a success

at least this time.

I miss complaining

about the noisy bars,

overpriced drinks & their inattentive staff

Weekends – too short

Mondays – too long

the fact that I couldn’t find the time to excercise

& the rise of expensive flights.

I miss complaining

about all those things

when everything seemed to be wrong

but it was actually alright

& our lives

were not on the line.

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