WomenWeave Handloom – Sustainable Scarves, Sarees and Yardage

WomenWeave Handloom – Sustainable Scarves, Sarees and Yardage

If I said I’m not a fan of prints, sustainable clothing and vivid colour combinations, I’d be lying. I absolutely love these details. The kind of volume and degree of art it adds to a look is mind-blowing.

My trip to Pondicherry was a perfect blend of all kinds of accessories one can use on a vacation. First mini-bags then jewellery and lastly scarves/stoles by WomenWeave.

WomenWeave is a Charitable Trust registered under the Mumbai Sarvajanik Vishwavyavastha Adhiniyam 1950 Registration Act of 1860. It is also registered as a Manufacturer exporter in The Handloom Export Promotion Council, Chennai. It is based in Maheshwar, MP and thrives to support the role of women in handloom weaving since its inception in the year 2012. From creating a community of weavers to training and assisting them, WomenWeave does its bit in uplifting the rural women of India and giving them the chance to earn a better life.

Opportunity is all the women of India need. Given that, they become unstoppable.

I chose the following stoles for my trip; take a look and tell me which one is your favourite?

A little pink, a little blue with some stripes along with cubes

Made of hand spun conventional cotton & tussar silk with AZO free dye, this one’s my favourite. I wore it the entire day when in Pondicherry. Like a drape around saree on jeans when exploring Auroville and like a neck scarf in the evening when I went on a dessert spree in White Town in the evening. From blue to green, it looked stunning on a variety of shades.

Ochre yellow, for a day at the beach

Hand spun khadi, this piece is so fine and elegant that it goes with everything. It indefinitely refines your look and showcases minimal style in the best way possible. I had this pretty thing wrapped around me when I visited the Paradise beach in Pondicherry. I like to call it the “sand scarf” since its hue completely matches that of the sand found in India.


Subtly green

Made of hand spun organic cotton with natural dye, this piece kept me warm and cozy during winter mornings in Pondicherry as I spent time relaxing at my AirBnb, surrounded by coconut farms. This is as elegant and artsy as green could get.


Apart from stoles, WomenWeave also makes sarees and provides yardage to some of the most renowned fashion designers. Check out their collection here, for next time you need something unique along with doing the good deed of helping the rural women in India make a respectable living.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for latest updates.

So which one is your favourite?

P.C: Mohit Kabare

Happy Poss-ing!


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