Winter is Coming – Monochrome fashion featuring Forever 21 India

Winter is Coming – Monochrome fashion featuring Forever 21 India

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Winter is coming. And we all know what’s coming with it, opportunities for our pre-longed and preserved woollen and leather jackets to finally be hugged and Instagram-ed. As much as I love summer for letting me wear shorts and tank tops, winter is the change I wait for – every damn year.  Of course that barely lasts for a month or two in Mumbai but every single bit of this weather is wholly cherished here. It’s never uniformly cold here which is why I’ve curated this look that will keep one warm as well as leaves a window open for survival in case the weather decides to get humid all of a sudden. Also, because sporty chic is my thing and exactly what this look is all about.

These black joggers from Aeropostale is something I’m literally living in since the day I brought these babies home. You can’t blame me for that because these are too comfortable and warm to leave them on the shelf. They go with every colour but I’ve paired them with my white off-shoulder top that I got off the roads of Colaba for just 250 bucks! White sneakers and my favourite black and grey knitted shrug from Forever 21, longer from the back – the fashion trend 2016 started off with.

What can I say? I could practically go for a jog as well as a long shopping spree in this outfit. My hair is somehow quite difficult to experiment with, since it’s naturally straight and silky, so I just tied a low bun with strands on the loose. The make-up for this look took me 20 minutes to exactly portray what I had in mind. Since it’s a winter-y post, I used the plum shade from Seven Heavens which was too dark so I blended it with a light pink shade from Seven Heavens that gave it a light purple-ish hue and then I used the ‘addictive magenta’ – 46P by Colorbar and voila! The perfect shade I had in mind was live. For the eyes, I used a liquid liner by Oriflame and a silver eye pencil to highlight the top mildly. Because you know, it’s snowy somewhere! And I love snowfall and silver and shimmer.. Anyway, that sums up my hour of getting ready for this shoot last Saturday morning! And thanks to my photographer – Abdullah Khan, the pictures came out just fine.


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