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Every adventurous and independent girl has a tom-boyish side to her. These girls, I believe, not only survive but rule the world because they need no one to rescue them. The best advantage of being somewhere between girly and tom-boyish is that we can carry off every style as needed. Be it to dazzle in an elegant gown or to rock crop-tops in sneakers. We got it!

Most people think that suspenders are for men only. How sexist! Suspenders are not gender oriented. They are for everyone, just the way shirts are. Actually, there is nothing a guy can wear which a girl can’t. right?

Suspenders are not only cool but empowering too! It has this classic touch to it because we have seen legends like Charlie Chaplin and more wear it. Be it Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Taylor Swift or Kristen Stewart, we have seen them all rule in suspenders! And guys, suspenders are never too much. You do not know why we love Chuck Bass so much.

Suspenders never really enetered my wish list until the day I just randomly happened to visit the “Marry me” store at Candies, Bandra. You know how cool and funky their collection is! If you don’t, you have to check it out once. I saw these Zebra-printed suspenders there but didn’t buy them. A week later I realized that I couldn’t stop thinking about them and it was time to try something new. Then, I got two. (Other one is neon orange in color)

I paired these suspenders with a white shirt and blue shorts. Simple and classic. The white briefcase bag from Miss Bennett London (Jabong) is one beautiful affordable piece which goes with almost everything. The shoes are just perfect as you can see. The suspenders can be worn on jeans, pants and skirts also. There is no end to experimentation when it comes to suspenders! So wear them and show off your sophisticated dominance, people. Mail me your pictures showing your style at Also, follow me on facebook and instagram for updates!



OOTD Details:

Bag: Miss bennett, London

Shoes: ZARA

Shorts: Colaba causeway, Mumbai

Shirt: ZARA

Suspenders: Marry me, Candies, Bandra

PC: Lavina Karkera (And I miss you.) No, she didn’t die! She just moved to Delhi for sometime.

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Happy Poss-ing! 

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