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Some people define shopping as an act of wasting money on something you do not need. Some people say that if you buy the things that you do not need, later in life you will have to sell the things that you do need. I say, do not have such negative beliefs because if you believe in something, it will definitely happen. Hence, I define shopping as an art of giving away some pieces of paper (money, as the Homo sapiens call it) in exchange of things that make you look pretty and feel happy. Healthy happy I mean. Otherwise there are plenty of other unhealthy things you could spend your money on to feel happy but in return would harm your body. If you know what I mean. Most parents think it is a bane to raise a shopaholic kid. Sometimes, it can get a little painful fulfilling all their demands but having a shopaholic kid is better than raising a drug addict (you wouldn’t even know). So be happy when your kid asks for shoes and is making her way to the mall and not building her way to rehab. But are you a parent of a non-shopaholic kid? Well, now you have something to worry about.  I follow the words “I like my money right where I can see it. Hanging in my closet”, said by the character Carrie Bradshaw (I love her! Who doesn’t? ).

Are you a shopaholic? Do you love to shop?
Does shopping make you smile even when your best friend can’t? Does your heart skip a beat whenever you hear the word ‘sale’? Have you starved for days and cut down on your other necessities just to save money for a hot red ZARA coat? Does shopping give you better reasons to love your life? Have you paid at a billing counter using cash and multiple cards all at once for a single bill? Are you scared of wasting a gorgeous outfit on an insignificant day? Do you think you might miss out on meeting the love of your life because you have been too busy shopping and yet don’t regret it? Do you fantasize more about grand lavish shoe closets than your prince charming? Do you follow the saying “Shop till you drop!”? Do you start feeling lost, incomplete and aimless if you do not shop for a few weeks? Would your last wish include the words ‘Prada’ and ‘Gucci’? Is the only reason you want to earn loads is to spend loads?

If you went like ‘YEAAAAAH’ to all the above questions quietly in your mind, babe you are a SHOPAHOLIC. Oh no It’s not a bad thing. Don’t worry! Many people consider it to be a way towards disaster but I don’t agree with them. You see everyone should have a strong drive inside them, a motivation, an aim, a desire, a passion! Most of the people around the world make music, art, sports, money and blah blah as their passion, nothing wrong with them but some unique people like you and me have shopping as our passion, our biggest desire. Building huge crowded closets is one of the most important aims of our lives. We feel like kings and queens when we stand tall in front of our castle-ly closets.
Being a shopaholic is healthy in many ways if done the right way. Firstly, If you desire to shop you will aspire to earn more and more to quench your thirst for shopping and inspire others too. So aspire to inspire before you expire. That makes you work harder and you unknowingly leap towards success. Secondly, your clothes show your personality. The way you dress-up definitely gives you self confidence. You get that positive independent attitude which is needed in today’s mean world. So basically shopping does cost you money but in return takes you towards success and makes you feel independent and confident. No point carrying all your money to your grave, is there? So be proud to be a shopaholic if you can afford it and spend accordingly. Being a shopaholic by spending someone else money is a shame (other than your parents of course). So if you are doing it the right way, keep calm and shop the hell on.

Don’t you love these three magical words…….”LET’S GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!”












OOTD details:

Round sunglasses: FOREVER21

Black and white stripes crop top: FOREVER21

White crop shirt: Hill road, Bandra

Beige high waist pants : FOREVER21

Black pumps: ZARA

Silver metal heart-love ring: Lifestyle

Brown velvet handbag: Esbeda

PC: Lavina Karkera

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  1. Swastica Swapn
    December 29, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Hahahaha. I love you too :*

  2. Swastica Swapn
    December 30, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    Hahaha thanks Aashu :*

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