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Hello people! Isn’t December the best? It’s cold and festive with our minds relishing the past and planning the future. No matter how good or bad the current year has been, we all manage to have positive hopes for the next year to be and do better. 31st December, every year, is one day when the whole world unites with positivity and love, only. It’s beautiful.

Talking about beautiful things, I love this black and white scarf which practically goes well with everything. Scarves are one of the most stylish accessories existing. The right colour and design can only add charm to a simple look. They serve multiple purposes. They keep us warm, save our hair from getting frizzy while traveling, keep us from inhaling all the pollution and help us hide our faces, if and when needed.

To me, scarves give a fall feel. Being Mumbaikars, we miss the feeling of fall or severe winter but as fashion lovers we totally wish to dress up in layers, scarves and boots. I have put this look together to show you guys how we can dress up in layers and scarves and still not die sweating.

There are so many ways to wear a shirt dress. I have shared two looks in this blog. Both ultra comfortable yet stylish. A denim skirt like this is the most comfy skirt according to me. The shirt dress is used like a cape in one look and like a dress in the second. Both these looks are perfect for casual day outs in every season (at least in Mumbai). If it gets too chilly to wear a skirt you can throw on some warm stockings. I have always had a problem choosing the right shade of lipstick when wearing something light blue-ish. Shades of brown, nude and copper work best.

 Merry Christmas guys and have a great year ahead! I surely will because I have some exciting things coming up in 2016! Make some resolutions and follow them for a change! Just kidding. Just do what you love! Stay tuned on my Instagram and Facebook to know what is happening with me in 2016! You can add me on snapchat too. Snapchat ID: aposs8.

Happy Poss-ing!


OOTD Details:

Shirt dress: ONLY

Skirt: UMM

Scarf: Hill road, Bandra

Top: Forever 21

Boots: Forever 21

PC: Milbro Misquitta

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