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Power play is when an outfit is enhanced in various ways to create an empowering look. There are two ways of doing this. The first one is by adding accessories that make a statement. Like somebody once said –

One can own an outfit by adding the right amount of accessories.”

Shoes and bags are considered to be accessories too but what I am talking about here is jewellery. The second way of enhancing a look is the right type of make-up and hair. Trust me, make-up and hairstyle can either destroy a look or make you stand out in the crowd.

I am not so much of a make-up lover. Frankly, eye liner and lipstick is all I use but this time I thought of experimenting a little. So I collaborated with Aashna Jhunjhunwala, an amazing make-up artist who did my make-up and hair for this look. This look wouldn’t have looked as powerful as it does had I just had some normal make-up on. Smokey eye make-up proved to be amazing for me as it made my small eyes look relatively bigger. Lips had to be nude as the eye make-up is loud and my outfit is a mixture of black, gold and beige. So this look is a little fierce yet subtle and classy with the classic low tone colors.

The best thing about this look is that it is a both day and night one. Be it brunch or a night at the club! You do not need to change a thing in this look. Also, if you have noticed, I did not use any jewellery at all! I also experimented with my hairstyle a bit as suggested by many of my readers. Got a little wavy curls which make my highlights look ah-mazing! Thanks to Allure by Aashna for the hair-do too. I will be experimenting with some more hairstyles in my upcoming blogs!

Also, the clutch is a gift from my bestie who got it customized! Checked out the golden “APOSS (with a kiss)” in the centre of the clutch? #Happiness

So do you like this look?

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OOTD Details:

Bustier: Redress, Bandra

High waist pants: Forever 21

Shrug: Madame

Belt: D2gorgeous (Instagram)

Block heels: Forever 21

Make-up and hair by Allure by Aashna

P.C: Milbro Misquitta

Happy Poss-ing!

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