In Pondicherry With Nirwaana – Jewellery for the Beach

In Pondicherry With Nirwaana – Jewellery for the Beach



Accessories have the power to inspire you. Don’t feel me yet?

Let’s run this experiment: Wear one of your most admired pieces for a day and notice if every time you look down at this piece, as and when you get through work or other chores, you feel a fresh wave of positivity and inspiration flow through your mind. If that doesn’t happen, you need to reconsider your accessory choices.

This is why I love the jewellery designs by Nirwaana. Not only is every piece different from the other but the detailing you’ll see often draws inspiration from nature, reviving you in return. While planning my trip to Pondicherry, I couldn’t think of any other jewellery brand that would justify the theme any better.

Pondicherry is known for its clean beaches, white sand, coconut farms and verdant views in Auroville. And here are some of the pieces I chose for this trip; you’ll see what I’m talking about when I say they inspire you.

Shibori Surabu – Midnight Blue

Aptly showcasing my vacay vibes, this polymer clay tile pendant is a statement piece. Shibori is the artistic technique used on this pendant, originated in a small village Fujino, Japan. The chain is silver plated and can be adjusted as per your requirement. Look at me all vacay-ey at my AirBnb farmhouse in Pondicherry! Will share more details on that in the next blog.

Silver Maze bracelet and Graceful Gladiator

I’m not a delicate bracelet person and I love volume on my wrist which is why I instantly fell in love with these two as soon as I imagined wearing them both on one wrist. Made with oxidised silver, these two hand cuffs have intricate detailing on them. All in all, these pieces are bold yet feminine, which can be worn on both indian as well as western outfits. And I styled them on this fusion wear so I can show you what these pieces are capable of!

Floral Hoops

I can wear this EVERYDAY! Who doesn’t love an orbicular silver earring with floral designs carved on them which add to the richness and exquisiteness of this piece? From the Rock beach to dinner at Le Chateau, I rocked this one throughout the day!

Blue Ocean Barefoot

Inspired from the ocean, these barefoot sandals have green dried flowers (Baby Breath) encapsulated within, with silver chains, perfect for a walk on the beach. Or even when you want to get close to nature or feel beautiful at home.

Rosy Relish

Made with rose quartz stone and copper metal with a silver coating, this ring is beautifully vibrant and a total head-turner. And every time I glanced at it, I felt beautiful.

Sunshine Drops

Didn’t have the chance to wear these since I was in Pondicherry for three days only but I adore these earrings which have dried Crossandra petals in them. Absolutely radiant and one of a kind! Will definitely try them on next time!


If you like the styles, keep a tab on Nirwaana’s Facebook and Instagram too!

Coming up next is my Pondicherry itinerary!

P.C: Mohit Kabare

Happy Poss-ing!

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