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I’ve never been a fan of the color white. Because a) – I am too clumsy to not stain it and b) – I look darker than I am in white (wheatish complexion problems I tell you!) . Black is my color but it’s burning out there and the way a white tee makes us feel in this heat is almost magical.  Believe it or not, I have been buying a lot of white clothes recently and this tee from ONLY is one of the best tees I could add to my cart this season. The tee is quite a quirky piece which has slits on both the sides and I have tied a knot on one side to make it look more casual.

I paired the tee with a pair of white shoes and navy blue leggings to give it an ultra comfy look for a perfect busy day when you have to run errands in the heat. The bag was the best choice I made last December. I got it from Lifestyle and it’s by Paparika. It’s both quirky as well as spacious and I bagged a lot of compliments for the bag especially from the editor of Cosmopolitan, India – Nandini Bhalla.

The plum lipstick by 7 Heavens is the best lip color I’ve come across till date, thanks to Garima, my babe from Delhi. It’s all the class you need on any outfit. From sarees to shorts, it works wonders.

Talking about details, I matched my socks with my lip color and nail paint and trust me, the color of the socks matter. And yeah, I am thinking of doing something different with my hair next time. Any suggestions? You can mail me at and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

Also, stay tuned for I have got my phone cover customised by an amazing brand and the next post will be featuring it! SO excited!

Happy poss-ing!



OOTD Details:


Leggings: ZARA

Shoes: Forever 21

Bag: Paparika, Lifestyle

PC: Abdullah Khan

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