Jaipur, Rajasthan – Places to go to…or not

Jaipur, Rajasthan – Places to go to…or not

Jaipur is known as the city of palaces for a reason. And a beautiful one that too, with splendid sculptures in every lane, palaces, forts and heritage hotels, this city will have you awestruck for the whole of your trip. I spent two days at a friend’s brother’s wedding that took place at the City Palace which just looked stunning at night. After that my girls and I set off to explore the city and we only had two days to do so, so these are the places we covered;

Hawa Mahal

Situated in the middle of the forever-busy pink city, this grand heritage palace is beautiful from both inside and out. With tinted glasses, doors and a water fountain in the centre, we took a quick tour of this Mahal. What fascinated us the most were the little green windows that you see all over the Hawa Mahal which was constructed for the queens and other females living inside to get a peek into the outside city as they weren’t really allowed to roam freely in the city. You can also get an amazing view of this palace from the wind cafe in front of the structure.

Johri and Bapu Bazaar

Ranging from proper showrooms to street shops, this market has an authentic collection of clothes, shoes, jewellery and souvenirs. I bought a bandhani saree for my mom, a woollen waist coat for my dad, some key rings, a pen decorated with lakh work, a pair of jootis, a stone ring (which is apparently very lucky for me) and a couple of other little things.

Amer Fort

Let alone the fort, even the way to the fort is beautiful with lakes on sides. You can also catch a glimpse of the Jal Mahal standing in the middle of the lake where you can’t physically go because there are no boats available to take you there. Amer fort, better known as Amber fort is spread across a vast area with different types of palaces in it. A jeep took us to the top, the other mode of transportation being elephants. But I suggest you never opt for that ride to save them from animal cruelty. As we entered the fort, we came across colourful authentic goodies such as umbrellas, show pieces and other souvenirs. A man in a turban was playing Bollywood tunes on a traditional instrument. My favourite part is the Sheesh Mahal which is made of tiny pieces of plain and coloured mirrors and glasses. You have to see it yourself to really understand how beautiful it is. The jeep charges 450 bucks to take you up, wait for an hour and drop you back where you were picked up from.

After this, I went back to rest at the Zostel as my friends wished to shop more from Bapu Bazaar. I made some coffee and curled up with a book as I need some alone time every now and then. The people at Zostel were planning to get some food around a bonfire on the terrace for some global intervention but we couldn’t make it to that as we had plans to have dinner elsewhere. After which we came back and had some amazing conversations with travellers from all around he globe.

The next day we checked out of Zostel, had some breakfast and took a flight back to Mumbai. I will be sharing all the details of the restaurants and cafes that I tried when in Jaipur soon.

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Happy Poss-ing!

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