Hidesign Minibags – My perfect travel buddy in Pondicherry

Hidesign Minibags – My perfect travel buddy in Pondicherry



How could I visit Pondicherry without getting to know Hidesign (website) better? For those who don’t know, Hidesign’s factory is located in this Union Territory. In short, Pondicherry is Hidesign’s home.

I have had a deeper connect with this brand even before I embarked on my blogging career. My dad introduced me to this brand seven years ago. With a men’s cross-body bag in brown, which is still as vibrant as ever, I’d roam the town in my college days. Even my wallet is from Hidesign, classic and minimal, since about two years.

For my first ever trip to Pondicherry, I chose the Wanda Women’s Elephant Ranch Minibag in blue and it is the most adorable piece in my closet right now. Handcrafted using vegetable tanned leather, this sling bag speaks elegance out loud. After all, less is more. This one tiny piece of art can instantly change your style game. Be it for a day out or a party. Capable of encompassing all your essentials such as a wallet, perfume, lipstick and phone, this bag leaves no space for unnecessary mess, usually found in our huge handbags.

I took this baby out on my third day in Pondicherry, first to the Paradise beach followed by a couple of hours of scouring through the organic stores in town and concluding the day with a lavish dinner at The Promenade, A Hidesign hotel which I will be writing about in another blog very soon.

More than being party appealing, this mini bag is perfect for travel according to me. It is so light in nature that it stands no chance of wearying you out no matter how long you need to be on your feet for.

 Now I am back in Bombay but this bag now accompanies me wherever I go. Don’t believe me? Proof on my Instagram stories.

Also, keep yourself updated with Hidesign’s Instagram and Facebook for offers and collection launches because trust me, the sale season is getting crazy in here!

P.S – Excuse my beach hair and oily face. I had a really long yet fun day and I’d rather spend more time experiencing the place than fixing my make-up. 😛

P.C: Mohit Kabare

Happy poss-ing!

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