Because Semi-Formal is the New Formal


Shirts are for everyone. One category of clothing that has the power of adding class and sophistication to any look. I’m not a fan of formal clothing and thanks to my profession, I don’t have to wear formals to work but I’m a sucker for shirts. With a definite power of making one feel confident, a couple of smart shirts are necessary in everyone’s closet and in this blog I’ve styled two of my favourite shirts from the fine collection of Bowtie Formals.

A good white shirt with an edge is perfect for all occasions. Which is why I couldn’t ignore this ‘Classic White Shirt With A Twist’. Semi-formal is the new formal so I’ve paired this shirt with blue jeans and my current heel crush. From a casual day at work to nailing your next meeting with the new client, this look works for all.

According to Katty Kay and Claire Shipman – author of The Confidence Code, women are born with less confidence as compared to men. From genes to the way they are raised, everything affects a woman’s level of self confidence and several studies have proved that women tend to undermine their potential in every situation. In ways to overcome what’s already planted in from birth, smart dressing goes a long way in confidence building. You look good, you feel good. And here I’m definitely not referring to looks but style.

The second shirt that I liked was the ‘Overlap Princess Sleeves Shirt’ in pink. With puffed sleeves and subtle detailing, I paired it with a pair of black jeggings and pink stilettos. This shirt has a refined, more formal style, perfect for any work related occasions. What I love the most about this shirt is that its not too pink. The colour is slightly pastel with a fine u-cut at the bottom which makes it wearable untucked as well.




If you’re looking for affordable yet chicly in-style formal shirts, Bowtie Formals will suffice your needs. Check them out on Instagram as well.

Tell me in the comments below which one out of these two looks did you like more. Also, let’s connect on Instagram and Facebook for updates. Coming up next on the blog is my Kheerganga Trek adventure and I’m very excited about it!

Happy Poss-ing!

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  1. August 1, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    Perfect fit..

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