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There are two types of people in this world: Predictable and unpredictable. Both have some pros and cons but no matter what type you are now, we were all born unpredictable. Like you literally can’t predict the actions of a toddler, sometimes you can’t predict human behavior too. That’s actually good in a way since knowing everything eventually gets boring. The most apt adjective for an unpredictable person would be quirky. Correct me if i’m wrong, which I never am since I’m a woman. Just kidding…NOT.

Anyway, “Born this way” is the best way to be. Because at times, if you’re predictable, people take you for granted which is obviously unacceptable.

Quirky is a type of style too. It’s basically a beautiful mess. You don’t really get it and it’s not really normal but it’s SO appealing. It’s like wearing your mind which is sometimes a chaos and sometimes blank.
And the best brand which has the quirkiest collection is Quirkbox! With the perfect name of course. Their designs are uniquely fresh and expressive. It was found by the creative minds of Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia, 5 years ago. The brand has won some amazing awards which it totally deserves, such as:

 Grazia Young India Fashion Award – Winner – Best Urban Wear Label – India
Vogue India Fashion Award 2014 (Runner Up)
Top 30 Young Fashion Entrepreneurs , India – India Today

Their collection is pure art. A form of art which makes a statement. A strong, positive one.

QUIRKBOX shows us how to have fun with fashion.

This jacket from their collection is my favourite as it goes on anything and everything. Be it shorts, dress or just a pair of baggy jeans. I paired it with a simple pair of black jeans from ONLY and a black bustier. The lipshade is something I experimented with. Ombre lips are my current obsession. This one is a mix of nude pink and plum shades by 7Heavens.

Hope you liked this look! Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for updates and more.

Be fun. Be quirky. And keep ’em guessing.


The mandatory post shoot selfie. Source: Instagram.

OOTD Details:


Bustier: Linking road, Bandra

Jeans: ONLY

Heels: ZARA

 P.C: Abdullah Khan

Happy Poss-ing!

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