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I wonder why we can’t wander for free. How beautiful and selfless would people be if there was no such thing as money on this planet – Earth. No profit, no loss, only genuine love and happiness. Just a running thought this morning. Not that it’s gonna change a thing but okay.

Anyway, how do you like me now? All tribal-y and wander-y here.

I’m not really a long skirt kinda girl but during my last visit to Udaipur, I saw this blue and green wrap-around skirt hanging outside a shop in the old city market which couldn’t be ignored. BEAUTIFUL is an understatement for this skirt. I’ve never done a bohemian look before and while experimenting in my bedroom – with clothes I may specify, I found a way to wear this skirt as a dress. The tie-up style of the skirt allows you to tie it in different ways. I have tied a knot in the centre which makes the skirt look like an off-shoulder midi-dress. You can also tie it around your neck like a halter dress or a cold shoulder dress. Experiment away!

Talking about experimentation, I wore this black and silver neck choker as a boho head chain. Wearing a necklace on top of this would be too much so I painted a tiny tribal tattoo below my neck with my Oriflamme liquid eyeliner. I wore my black hand-cuff as an anklet. And last but not the least, my jooti (shoes) are from Udaipur as well. Super comfy and goes on literally, EVERY DAMN OUTFIT.

My lip shade is a plum pink ombre. The plum and light pink shades that I used are from Seven Heavens. So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I so want to see how you experiment with a long skirt and any other styling tips if you have so, drop in a mail at and if I can style a piece your way, I will blog about it and feature you here! Let’s share and learn people.

Also, thank you SO much for watching my travel movie on YouTube. My first video did extremely well and got amazing reviews! You can also spot this skirt worn like a skirt in the video here. Which one looks better? Do subscribe and leave a comment so I know how you like it!

Now, let me tell you a little about what we’re onto next. Having done with our first travel movie, we are now moving onto our first food review vlog on YouTube. Covering the newest rad place in Mumbai tomorrow. So, stay tuned on our social media to see it before the movie is made because that’s obviously going to take some time. The place we are covering has some extremely innovative cocktails and dishes you wouldn’t want to miss!

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Everything from the streets on Udaipur.

Happy poss-ing!

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