Autumn in a Box – Vintage Jewellery by Nine Vice

Autumn in a Box – Vintage Jewellery by Nine Vice

From the dawn of light
To the cold breeze tonight,
In which the crisp golden leaves descend in grace
And the faraway burning star
colours the sky with a warm stroke of desire,
Indeed, glazed
I stand in the middle of nowhere,
just soaking in the runic transition
in awe of the imperfect balance in display,
wishing to be her – an absolute tangle
that’s just not enough for now or ever
but even a second of this beautiful sight,
leaves you dreaming, on replay
until you catch her next time
and realise
nothing but everything has changed.

Autumn is the season that proves how charming deterioration can be. The perfect balance between hot and cold, summer and winter – that is. Witnessed for a short period of time each year but savoured in our heads throughout, this season’s colour palette is my favourite.

Intricately designed and carved for the love of this season, the Autumn collection of vintage jewellery by Nine Vice features a variety of rings, earrings and pendants that do absolute justice to its theme. These pieces are made of brass, plated with gold and studded with Swarovski crystals in such a beautiful amalgamation that will have your eyes appreciate its details for moments.

Each jewellery design is unique and the little caramel roses and leaves enhance the aura of this collection. My favourite bit about this vintage collection, undoubtedly, is the stones used – Which form an enchanting fusion of brown, yellow, maroon and violet hues. Flawlessly complementing each of the details on a whole, its unreal how captivating these accessories look in natural light – Summing up the essence of Autumn in a glance.

If the season of Fall ignites the fire in your soul and partially defines the state of your being, you’ll love what Nine Vice has meticulously crafted for you. My personal favourite? – Plum Open Ring and the Wine Red Statement Ring. You can take a look at their entire collection here and have a little bit of Autumn packed and delivered to your doorstep, all across India.

Tell what you think about these handcrafted pieces and which one in particular, took your breath away – in the comments below and do connect with us on Instagram for regular updates.

P.C: Abdullah Khan

Happy Poss-ing!

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