This Is Me

This Is Me


Life is nothing but a long and gradual process of self discovery. And the beauty of it is that you’ll never cease to surprise yourself.

When it comes to fashion, don’t we all wear things that are a mere reflection of our individual personalities/mindset? For instance, don’t you sometimes look at a random tee-shirt in store and go “Oh that’s SO me!”?

Yeah those were my exact thoughts after I saw this stunning Amethyst Flower Ring by Nirwaana. I am a sucker for rings in general, just the ones with mysteriously coloured stones and this one tops my list at the moment.

The best thing about wearing a ring which says a lot about you as a person is that every time you look down at it, it reminds you of your self worth and values. Every now and then, we all tend to forget that and doubt ourselves. And just a ray of inspiration is all it takes to ward off the negatives and focus on being awesome. Sometimes, a piece of stone on your finger is more than capable of doing that.

The colour gradation of this ring is unpredictable, confined in no particular shape. Raw edges, not too shiny but when you look closely, you see a tinge of sparkle. It’s like a wild magical flower and that’s my muse. Is it yours too?

Getting into the specifications, the stone used is South African Amethyst Flower and the metal used is sterling silver. You can buy this ring here and follow Nirwaana for regular updates. This brand doesn’t do the ordinary. Every piece will surprise you.

Talking of surprises, I have one coming up on my Instagram too. Keep in touch folks!

P.C: Mohit Kabare

Happy Poss-ing!

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