Formal Wear and Maxi Dresses Redefined with 7 Stitch


Redefining formal wear, 7 Stitch is an innovative clothing brand based in Mumbai, “born with an idea of making ethical designs with handcrafted and handloom fabrics, supporting the artisans behind the scene, and we make sure their art reaches out to everyone.”, describes Divy Chheda, the man behind 7 Stitch. Here’s what he has to say about the brand:

Tell us something about the brand or its family that most people don’t know (or what makes it special).

“7 stitch was started by 7 of us working together as a team rather than owner/boss staff relationship, we wanted to just work with something we haven’t before and create something that keeps surprising and inspiring us to keep going forward and continue making some new designs.”

Where do you and other designers get inspiration from?

“Inspiration is everywhere, the earthen fabrics like khadi, tussar and handwoven cotton have been our major choice of fabrics , and the idea of working with the local artisans inspires us in its own way.”

What is that one thing which is important in the designer’s industry?

“In my eyes the most important thing is to continue to create something new and different. It may be liked by some , disliked by many but it shouldn’t bother the essence of the team or be demoralised  by it, experimenting with new fabrics and designs should never be doubted, because thats what keeps us going ahead.”

I personally visited their workshop and selected three styles.

White Maxi Dress with Scarf

The right boho vibes coupled with pure elegance in white and blue, this piece is a stunner that talks summer chicness.

Grey Pants

I chose the fabric for this one and 7 Stitch tailored it to my fitting. And I absolutely love it!

Ikat One Button Jacket

Better than your usual blazer, adding a statement to your formals. This is my favourite piece by 7 Stitch.


Which one is your favourite? Check out their collection here, and follow them on Facebook & Instagram for updates.

P.C: Mohit Kabare

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