The Pink Society – Woman, It’s Time For A Change

The Pink Society – Woman, It’s Time For A Change

“Don’t do that”.

“Don’t say that”.

“Don’t sit like a boy”.

“Don’t forget that you’re a woman.”

“Who do you think you are? A man?”.

Ugh, no clearly not. But what does that even mean? These are some of the most outrageous things you can ever say to a woman. And you know what’s even more outrageous than hearing these stupid words? Hearing it from another woman.

I mean, seeing another women think less of herself because of her gender is just sad. We are all individuals (check definition for clarity). Somethings we are good at, somethings we aren’t and that’s definitely not because of different placements of a pair of balls.

If you can’t accept, at least learn to ignore. Can we all just start afresh please?

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