The Quirky Perks You Deserve

The Quirky Perks You Deserve

What kind of a person doesn’t have a thing for cute stationery and home decor pieces? I’ll tell you, a boring one. And if you are one, by all means, you do you but for the rest of you kittens whose eyes gleam and glitter at the sight of adorable coffee mugs and fancy pens, I have curated this post – JUST FOR YOUR PLEASURE.

By the way, belated Happy Women’s Day to you and your pretty ladies! How did you spend this day? I did what I do best – Shopping! No, not clothes or shoes this time but I treated myself with some quirky perks for being the hardworking anxious worrywart that I am. What perks you might ask? So I got myself an Alarm Water Bottle, a Feather Pen, the CUTEST coffee mug and a large planter in the colour of my obsession from this beyond cool e-store called Quirky Perks. Let me show you;

I believe, the day you succeed in staying hydrated every day is when you can truly start getting your shit together. So I got this one-of-a-kind Alarm Water Bottle that can be used to set an alarm for upto 55 minutes. It ticks and goes off to remind you what time it is – Hydration time!

You and I, we both know that remembering to drink water while taking care of a ton of daily errands is a task in itself that shouldn’t take a backseat. It will count in the long run and how!

Next is this coffee mug called Golden Heart which, believe me, looks a million times more adorable in real life. So I’ve got my daily morning motivation dose sorted now.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how obsessed I am with aqua hues so enter – Geometric Nordic Planter for the frequent flowers I bring home. Fun fact: I can’t stand fake flowers but I assure you this vase looks pretty on the days I don’t get some flowers for it too. In fact I’m planning to plant a real, dainty sampling in it (it’s sturdy so it can handle the growth weight too). Any suggestions?

Last and my favourite, a Feather Pen! Now what can I say, I’m all about the fairytales and pixie dust and ink pots (on most days)! P.S it’s a steal deal for 50 bucks only.

So my crash pad feels super quirky now, thanks to my haul and just when I thought I was done I tried my luck on the wheel of luck on Quirky Perks’ website (oh you should try it) and got a 50% off coupon code! I shall use it wisely so I’m still deciding but I promise to keep you posted. You do the same and feel free to connect with me or Quirky Perks on Instagram for any queries that you might have.

P.C - My gorgeous girls Aashna Jhunjhunwala and Sakshi Ruia

Happy Poss-ing!

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