You Are What You Read

You Are What You Read



I have always been a keen reader. At no point of time do I not have a book I’m hooked on to. Sometimes, more than one. Thanks to my misplaced ability to truly get lost in a bundle of sheets. However, that wasn’t the case until 2016.

As a kid I started off with suspense narratives such as Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie. Novels, I mean. Before that I was a fan of short stories that always had a moral in the end. I LOVED tiny tales of inspiration since the very beginning and if you will take a look at my collection of books now, you’ll see that inspiring stories still top my list of reads. ‘Self improvement’ is my favourite section at Crossword, no doubt. And I know all the secrets to leading a happy life. I’m just yet to implement them in reality.

My mom always hated it when she’d find me reading a novel instead of my academic syllabus. But I’m glad I continued. You see, when you read a book, be it of any genre, you step into a different world. Somebody else’s. And the way that helps your personality grow is incredibly surprising. More than anything it enhances your creativity and introduces you to various perspectives from across the globe. You know what I’m talking about if you love to read.

What a book can do to your thought process is magical. After all, you are what you read. And if you don’t read, you’re missing out on brain-gasms and an irreplaceable set of quality time with yourself. By ‘read’ I mean solid books with pages that smell better as they age and not its digital version on kindle that strain your eyes and consume energy without giving you the joy of turning pages and using cute bookmarks.

The funny thing is that some books take you away from the awful reality while some give you a closer peep into it. And as evolving minds, we need them both.

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Happy Poss-ing!


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