Power Up With Enerzal

Shopping is some serious cardio and I’m sure that very few women will disagree with me. Being a shopaholic, one store never satisfies my cravings which means I do a minimum visit to five stores at a time excluding the repeated visits to get the stuff that I was previously confused about. I always have to make sure that my footwear during this activity is comfortable, obviously because of the area I cover walking by the end of which I’m immensely happy but physically drained.

Sipping onto a pack of Enerzal at the end of my shopping expedition or even in the middle of it, at times, gets my energy level back on track and prepares me for some more shopping (if my pocket allows, that is). Enerzal is an energy drink containing glucose, sodium, potassium, magnesium and a couple of more such vital salts which lack in some of the energy drinks and beverages. Providing instant energy and hydration to one’s body, Enerzal is highly beneficial in hangover situations as well as helps in recovering from fever. The best part being the taste of this energy drink. I am not a fan of sweet drinks and a hater of soda which is why I find Enerzal to be just as pleasantly sweet as a drink should be, with an orange/lemon flavour.

Dehydration is the major cause of a lot of conditions and diseases that might not matter as much right now but have dangerous effects in the long run. Acne breeding, shortening of breath or even acidity are all controllable if you keep your body hydrated at all times and water is a good option to do that but definitely not the best one. In Mumbai’s humidity, my bag always has a pack of Enerzal while travelling (by a local, especially).

Talking of travelling, my recent trip to Jaipur was an exceptional experience and the blogs about the same are in the making. I have SO much to tell you guys that the blogs seem to be never ending. The first one about my over all experience will be up in a couple of days. Till then, enjoy the glimpse of the city of palaces on my Instagram and Facebook, and not to forget, the dishes because of which I gained a couple of Kgs!

Until next time, stay healthy, happy and hydrated y’all!

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