Happy Birthday To Me, From Me

Happy Birthday To Me, From Me


So my birthday is just around the corner and unlike past years, I thought of doing things a little differently this time. As millennials, living with our parents, we tend to go out to party quite often. Since that’s the most convenient way to take our minds off of the draining process of adulting.

So this time instead of going with the routine celebration, I thought of rewarding myself by staying at a home away from home – Townhouse by OYOrooms in Mumbai itself. After all, it’s MY birthday. I should be doing what I want to and not what the society expects me to.

Catching up on some sitcoms I’ve been missing out on, or enjoying a warm cup of coffee while reading my newly acquired book – The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck. Later in the evening I plan on calling over my favourite girls for some pizza and dancing in heels (which I can get out of whenever they start to drill into my feet). And sip onto some wine while admiring the stunning view of the city of dreams from my room.

So no getting stuck in the traffic, no being shoved and pushed by the crowd at pubs, no worrying about bumping into strangers while dancing and having to apologise at quick intervals.

Unlike other stay apps, OYO lets you stay like a local in your own city. Be it to work on an article nearing deadline, celebrate occasions with your buddies or just watch IPL with your gang. A simple hassle-free getaway gateway. #CheersToOYO for that!

All in all, I can do whatever I want for a day at my home of one day. A slow paced day, away from the chaos is my idea of a perfect birthday at OYO. What’s yours?

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