Give Me A Break

Give Me A Break


Evolving minds complicate life more than it should be. It’s because of their insatiable thirst for the better. Which is a good thing but sometimes it’s too much for the mind to handle. A break from all-things-weary is then crucial and my much needed break arrived beautifully gift-wrapped as my birthday. What better time to just let it out easy than on the day you turn a little older?

Everybody has a different idea of a perfect birthday. Mine was all about self pamper. I spent a calm day at OYO Townhouse 016, Mumbai, doing the things that I love, guilt-free. I spent the afternoon wrapped up in cozy white sheets, watching the movies ‘He’s not that into you’ & ‘Fast five’ on TV. Followed by a quiet hour of being absorbed in my current book and thoughts, accompanied by some sparkling wine and fries throughout. I even spent half an hour napping without regret or worrying about how I should be working instead. I didn’t care about going online and tried to stay away from the internet as much as I could. (Apologies for the late replies and missed calls and thank you SO much for all the wishes!)

In the evening my girls came over for a visit and we spent the first hour catching up at the property’s pretty garden. After which we moved over to the room for my favourite ritual – the cake butchery. I call it that because first I sophistically cut a slice out and we taste it like humans and then we all attack the cake with spoons because sugar is life, especially when married to chocolate, right?

Some loud music and louder laughs along with Chinese food and sarcasm continued. I hit the pillow at around 5am and woke up to some coffee and breakfast in the balcony. All in all, I spent my day doing things I enjoy, with the people who make me laugh more than all memes combined.

And none of this would have been possible without the OYO’s impeccable staff and service. OYO Townhouse is a concept you will absolutely love. It aims at providing us millennials with the exact kind of facilities we can’t live without. It’s your friendly neighbourhood hotel and at the top of my list of staycation apps.

Now I feel one birthday a year is not enough. Check out my back to normal yet not so normal life on Instagram.


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