Cloud 9 Hills Resort, Lonavala – A Break From the Ordinary

Cloud 9 Hills Resort, Lonavala – A Break From the Ordinary

In this day-to-day hustle through life, we often miss out on the chance to appreciate and experience the art of doing nothing. To breathe in purity and gaze upon the night sky, hoping to witness a miraculous shooting star. I mean, it’s not like we’ve forgotten about it but just that spending a day in serenity is next to impossible in these fast-paced metropolitans.

Lucky for me, I finally planned a trip (AND EXECUTED IT) to the hills of Lonavala with my old college friends, after about three long years. 

The most crucial part of planning a one night road trip to a nearby hill station, is the property you pick to unwind at. I, fifty minutes and some caffeine later, stumbled upon this gem of a place – Cloud 9 Hills Resort, Lonavala and finalised it. I mean, the property offers a breathtaking view of the mountains & has bathtubs in every room! How could I not?

cloud 9 hills resort lonavala

My friends and I embarked on our little adventure around 7am, sleep-deprived yet excited. Lots of traffic and burgers later, we reached our home for the day – A Duplex at Cloud 9 Hills Resort. First thought as my eyes eagerly scanned the property? Every inch of this place looks way better than in its photographs. It’s true, especially the Duplex. Wooden interior, cabin stairway, antique decor and cozy bathtubs, I couldn’t help but think of instagram-ming every corner of it (and I did, you know it if you follow me on Instagram).

This property offers various types of cottages and villas as per your requirements. Ours had a capacity of over ten people, with a television, AC and bathroom in each of the three bedrooms. The living room is extremely spacious with couches and cozy stool balls. We took a walk through the property that has a game room, swimming pool, gazebo, terrace restaurant and a spa. Surrounded by greenery, the garden along the villas add to your pleasant view. The staff is extremely assistive and swift to make sure you have a comfortable stay. 

cloud 9 hills resort lonavala

Apart from the Duplex, Cloud 9 Hill Resort has an array of well-furnished 1BHK to 3BHK cottages that gives you the liberty to pick according to your requirements.

Now I have a very simple way of judging a property which reveals the true excellence of it. It’s not the view, it’s not the electronics but the bed. Yes, the bed will tell you all you need to know about a hotel. Spotless white sheets, fluffy pillows and 5-inch cozy mattresses show that attention to details have been paid. So after fighting for the room with a view (you know who won), my friends and I geared up for a fun photoshoot. Yes I’m blessed with a lot of talented and patient friends. 

P.S the view from my room, which had a balcony too, was an absolute delight. All of the hills covered in greenery and shadowed by spotless clouds was it. I can’t wait to visit this place during the Monsoons. This property is a few kms away from the market of Lonavala city which is why the serenity and unaltered fresh air adds to the positivity of the break you deserve. 

We spent our evening playing table tennis and carrom on a loop for three hours straight and that literally was the highlight of my weekend. I’ve loved playing table tennis since I was a kid but I hadn’t in years and this just made me so so happy. 

Well, my legs sort of gave up after fourteen hours of work and play so I did what I was most looking forward to – A hot bath in the tub. Was I ready for more post that? You bet, but for a wide spread of vegetarian Indian cuisine served at their restaurant. We went for the classic Paneer Tikka Masala, Butter Naan, Biryani, Veg Kolhapuri and Dal. Piece of advice for spicy food lovers – Do not ask them to make the food spicier, it’s awesome enough. I asked them to though and sat with a dripping nose throughout (no regrets). 

After dinner we spent the night laughing over nothing, cozied up in the living room, in warm yellow lights with some snacks, cocktails and loud music. Just like our college days, it felt so peaceful to just breathe in the moment, unbothered about deadlines. A break in true sense. But the best was yet to come.

Stargazing at 3am in Lonavala? An idea that wasn’t in sync with my lazy and tired body but thank God my friends were annoyingly persistent. We grabbed the camera and its tripod and climbed up to the highest open seating area at the property. We also managed to get some shots of the moon and the stars while continuing to laugh and shiver in the cold weather. Just before sunrise we went back to our cozy beds, tucked in for an unaltered sleep.

Slept for a couple of hours only to wake up to an amazing breakfast buffet of fruits, toast, masala dosa, oats and lots of coffee. It was time to leave but not before a couple of more table tennis matches. Around noon, we bid Cloud 9 Hill Resort adieu, only to go back home and plan another one for the next month. Because it wasn’t enough and I will definitely go back as I missed out on experiencing the rain dance, pool and the Spa.

My weekend was perfect. How about yours? I’m adding this property’s links below in case you too need a break from the city;

Cloud 9 Hills Resort Lonavala – Book Online, Facebook, Instagram.

Until next time, Happy Poss-ing!

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