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We all know that Superheroes are fictional. As much as we wish they existed. We are so blinded by the portrayal of a Superhero in movies that we are unable to see the real Superheroes in life. A Superhero need not wear an underwear on top of pants or have a cape on, at all times. A Superhero is the one who saves you when you need saving. Some people find it in their parents, partner or best friends. And some find it in themselves, the luckiest of the lot.

We all have a superpower, believe me. I discovered mine some years ago.  Superpowers make you happy and should be used in a way that could help others as well. Blogging makes me happy and I hope my blogs help you in some way or the other and I think that’s my superpower. Which is why I came up with the quote that you see on my phone cover.

So this shoot is basically a collaboration with Shetani, a brand owned by Ratan Pande who deals in customized phone covers and art work at a very reasonable price and quick delivery. I got my phone cover customized by them and I am totally obsessed with it. The color and the design is exactly the way I wanted it to be. Also, the material is matte. Could it get any better? I don’t think so.

The trending fashion to make a statement these days is to actually wear the statement or message that you want to pass on. Life has become so simple, hasn’t it? I love the idea of wearing a tee with a quote on it which I would relate to. For example “Forever sleepy” (defines me). And tees aren’t the only pieces you can make a statement by, as you can see, that’s what I have done through my phone cover which is almost always in my hands.

Coming to the outfit, it’s a boho-beach look for this summer season. The fringe bag is very handy and easy-to-carry. The choker neckpiece and anklet add to the boho factor. Shorts and slip-ons are the beach staples we all know about. This look is a very simple one and my hair has been tied using a pen. Thanks to Ratan’s creativity!

You can contact the team of Shetani to place an order for your very own customized phone cover! Also, follow me on Instagram and Facebook

for regular updates and more.

Oh and are you having a lazy Sunday? Go find your superpower todaaay!

Happy Poss-ing!



OOTD Details:

Top, shorts, slip-ons, choker: Forever21

Jacket: Only

Bag: Lifestyle

Phone cover: Shetani

Anklet: Linking road, Bandra

PC: Ratan Pande

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