Travel Trends 2017 – Every Vagabond Needs To Know

Travel Trends 2017 – Every Vagabond Needs To Know

Continuous evolution is the nature of this world, be it with regards to the human species itself or the things that humans invented. Every year we see new things trending or old ones coming back in vogue. With this pace of development, new and innovative things adding up in the travel sector does not surprise us anymore. Or do they? Lets take a look at some of the travel trends which were started last year and will persist this new year!

1.Youtube is the new Google for travel tracking and research

With an exponential hike in the number of travel vloggers and travel companies resorting to the use of YouTube to showcase their services and experiences, travellers – both business and leisure, tend to check the existence of these destinations they plan to visit, on YouTube to grasp a better idea about what to expect and what to avoid. Watching is better and less time consuming than reading according to this generation’s impatient mindset. So the next time you plan a trip, make sure to do some YouTube research about the same before you pack your bags!

2. Research on smartphones, booking on website

Gone are the days when you’d need a travel agent to help you plan a budget vacation. The internet is flooded with travel websites and bloggers who have made it super easy for people of all ages to experience the best in less. Websites such as Cozmo Travel and Make My Trip show you the best flight , hotel and vacation deals according to your budget and date preferences. The functioning of these websites is so transparent that you’ll know what exactly to expect from the places you choose once you get there.

3. Solo Travelling

Family vacations and trips with your friends are definitely fun but not as liberating as solo trips. Personally I feel, to truly experience a new place, one should definitely travel alone at least once a year. You’ll be surprised by how independent and confident you feel post that. After all, travelling is the best way to learn and grow.

4. Adventure tourism

For millennials and people who are young at heart, adventure trips are the best way to hit the reset button. Thanks to travel websites like Cozmo Travel who list out adventure trips and itineraries for a safe and fun yet challenging adventure holidays!

5. Soothing destinations matter more than formal luxury

Why pay lots to live in modern architecture when an innovative one close to the nature pleases one’s soul more? After all, the goal of any vacation is to feel positive again and get away from the so-called but actually draining perfect things in life.

6. Sailing adventures

A cruise experience is one of a kind and last year was a big expansion in this niche. More companies offer such trips and its truly divine to spend a few days or even weeks (depending on the weight of your pocket) in the middle of the sea with your loved ones.

7. Bleisure

Because mixing business with pleasure is okay now. If you’ve to visit a destination for work, taking a day off to experience the city wouldn’t hurt. More and more professionals are now sticking to this norm and surprisingly, their bosses seem to understand the same. You can’t disrespect a destination like that, you know?

8. Travel groups on social media

Speaking from personal experience, travel groups on Facebook, comprising of travellers from all across the globe help each other out with the dos and don’ts of all vacation spots. Getting some real time advice from people who have personally experienced a city is the best way to see it better. I always ask for insights on such groups before I pack my bags and the information I get is astonishingly amazing! You can simply search for such groups on Facebook and request to add. Here are some groups that I’m a part of: Travel Bloggers, Travel Talk and Travel Talk Buddies.

9. Unconventional discoveries

Why stick to the five spots that Google mentions when you type in the name of the city you’re going to when you can discover and try new places and cuisines for an exceptional experience? Visiting some famous monuments is fine but isn’t travelling really about getting to know the undiscovered place, its people and their culture? Try to look for the unnoticed beauty next time you fly to a new place!

10. Luggage courier services

All you plane lovers have been through the struggle of trying to fit everything that you wish to carry under 15-21Kgs because that’s a rule. Now sometimes, 15kg ain’t enough. To avoid this limiting factor, one can now courier their luggage to their desired location before he/she actually takes a flight to get there. It definitely costs a little but in case of luggage emergencies, it surely helps.

Talking of travel, I am leaving for Jaipur tomorrow morning to attend a wedding with my girls and explore the city of palaces! Have you been to Jaipur yet? Can you suggest me some places to visit and eat at, when in Jaipur? Spam with comments below, I’m waiting! Also, stay tuned to my Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat (aposs8) to come on a digital trip to Jaipur with me!

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