Inside Mumbai’s First Travel-themed Cocktail Bar – Grandpa’s Den

Inside Mumbai’s First Travel-themed Cocktail Bar – Grandpa’s Den

grandpas den

Okay let’s start off with evaluating if this is the right content for you to continue reading or not. IT IS IF:
a – you are a wanderlust at heart and b – food makes all bad things go away

Now on a serious note, I haven’t yet been to a more niche yet the coolest space in Mumbai which radiates the cosiest yet a charming mysterious vibe – specialising in an array of 12 unique cocktail recipes, curated by none other than our beloved Grandpa who has travelled across the globe!

A new cocktail bar is now at your service inside the famous Grandmama’s cafe in Lower Parel. I’m going to let the images speak of the ambience here but every decor piece that this hell-of-a-den ornaments is as vintage as a wanderlust’s space can be. (The camera I’m holding, has my heart)

So I tried four cocktails as listed below in the order of my favourites;

P.S make sure you ask your server about the tale behind the drinks you order. You’ll be fascinated and I’ll leave them a secret for your future experience.

  1. When We Met : Discovered when India was undivided, this cocktail is made of rum infused with strawberries, along with Grandpa’s dearest local champagne – My #LoveInOneSip.
  2. Sawasdeeka : Made with Vodka and everything sweet, sour and spicy, this cocktail is so refreshing you can feel the beach-breeze touch your hair. And its served in a pineapple goblet! Also, it almost sounds like my name, right?
  3. The Day of the Dead : Inspired by a Mexican festival, Grandpa curated this cocktail – Tequila, in-house triple sec, rock salt and jalapeno peppers being its core ingredients. It’s served with nachos (of course, mexicans!) and that compliments this strong and tangy drink perfectly.
  4. Patiala Punch : Punjabi at heart, Grandpa loves his desi cocktail made with whiskey, 5 spices and Kashmiri Kehwa! Wait that’s not all, the ice cubes have marigold flowers in them which as they melt, add a beautiful essence to this drink for two.
When We Met
The Day of the Dead

Let’s get you hungry now;

For starters, here are the ones we tried:

Gambas Al Ajillo – If you love prawns like I do, you’ve got to try this dish and you can thank me later. I can bet my life on this dish, it’s really THAT good.
Ponzu Chicken Wings – These are tossed in chilli ponzu sauce and my second favourite because chicken wings are always a good idea.
John Dory Fish Fingers – These are fried and a little bland so if that’s your palate preference, go for it. It was served with tarter sauce and I feel it could taste better with bbq sauce instead.
Hummus – This oh-so-famous dish to go with every cocktail every made, is good. I’m not a fan of hummus in general but I loved it on a couple of pita breads with my When We Met.

Gambas Al Ajillo
Ponzu Chicken Wings
John Dory Fish Fingers

Not hungry yet? Wait;

Moving on to the main course for the night, I tried three dishes that I have never tried before and I’ve to say that I have a new favourite – Salmon Steak.

grandpas den aposs

Salmon Steak – It was honey-glazed, on top of brown rice (the best part) and some asparagus. I wish there was more asparagus but did this melting hell of a dish climb right to the top of the menu for me at grandpa’s Den? You bet it did.
Shepherd’s Pie – You know the drill and it’s cooked with perfection, the quantity is good enough for two people though.
Home Style Khow Suey – This can cure a cold, just saying. The right spices, noodles and a lot of coconut curry will make you slurp it all up. Although If peanuts and coconut flavours are not your thing I doubt this dish is for you.

Salmon Steak
Shepherd’s Pie
Home Style Khow Suey

Now you must think how much does this woman eat but no matter what, there’s always room for some dessert so we tried Grandmama’s Cookie Dough Pudding and it felt like I was a pampered happy kid again!

And if you’re not a dessert person (I wonder what kinda person you then might be), you can go for some Irish Coffee to conclude your meal and rush home for a good night’s sleep and that, my friend, is a sure bonus you’ll receive.

It’s 01:15am as I write this and I realise that I shouldn’t be writing about food post midnight, ever. So I’m off to my kitchen to find something to eat while you can make your reservations at Grandpa’s Den and thank me later.

Stay connected with me through Instagram for regular updates, I’m soon to experience something new again!

Happy Poss-ing!

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