Month: May 2015

Take Me To Church








I love rosaries. Especially black ones, like the one I have.  It was gifted to me by my best friend who is a catholic BTW. I have always been fascinated by the catholic rituals and weddings. I will definitely have a catholic wedding one day just so that I can get a beautiful Vera Wang white gown made for myself.

A rosary is basically for meditation purposes. This look is a very peppy chic summer look and adding a simple rosary to it just makes it so positive (Also, matches with the skirt and bag).

I am not a big fan of wearing neck-pieces as I feel suffocated in any but I do wear a rosary sometimes because it gives me such positive vibes.

My love for visiting churches was discovered when I joined the St. Xavier’s junior college in Mumbai. The college has an in-campus chapel. I used to go there once a month to loose all the negativity (Yes, I do believe in God).

The majority of people in the world are Christians, 32% to be precise. It’s their western culture and sense of style we are adapting to. Most of the orthodox families in India think wearing a skirt or a crop-top is a shameful act. If that is so, why revealing your waist and back while wearing a saree is acceptable? Why are deep-necked ghaghra-cholis not offensive?

It is a crucial time for globalization. With such petty thoughts India will go nowhere. We are a developing country and we need to develop in every field. We have more serious problems to solve on which if our adults could concentrate better, India would develop faster. Embracing the beauty and staying updated with the new generation is important. So do not not let your kids wear skirts and crop-tops but educate them about how to carry it instead. Every attire does not suit every body type and you cannot wear a skirt and go to a temple. So time and place does matter. After all, the Indian culture is about what’s inside the head and should not be judged by the outer cover.

So girls, if you know this much, go ahead and explore the world of fashion!




OOTD Details:

Tee-back top: Ginger, Lifestyle store

Skirt: UMM

Shoes: shoptillyoudrop_02 on instagram

Accessories: Colaba causeway, Mumbai

Bag: Bandra, Mumbai

Rosary: From a stall outside the Mount Mary Church, Bandra

P.S – I am going on a vacay with my family for 10 days so it will be a while before I post a new blog. Till then stay connected via Instagram , Facebook and Twitter! Happy Poss-ing :*

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